pictorial splendour

…man, it’s stuffy in here. And did someone leave milk in the fridge? OK, that’s YOUR job to throw that out. Ew, spider webs. Jesus, get some windows open, we need some fresh air.

Or photos! Just as good as fresh air. Got the photos of my Christmas break off my memory stick, finally, yes it took me long enough. So I have hundreds of photos, but they don’t like being reduced down to 400 by 400 pixels and I don’t much blame them. So here are the few I deemed fit to post:

This is the beach. I am a long way up, and for this I blame my sister, who suggested the walk straight up a hill. She bought a new SLR digital and a wide angle lens, so if this was her blog, you’d be able to see more of the bay. Tough luck, suckers. You get my camera, and even worse, my commentary. At the bottom of the photo is where all the boats get launched, and you may be able to see all the old tractors which are used to tow the boat trailers. And the odd company car. Heh.

This is what the water is like. Clear with the odd volcanic rock and nice soft sand. In fact, this could be a shot of just about any beach in New Zealand. Yeah, I feel like going for a swim now too. Damn.

Well, I DID promise dog bums. This is the dog under one of the plum trees, which for some reason went batshit insane. The tree, not the dog. The dog was fine. This over-abundance meant that every time you went down onto the lawn, you had to eat a plum. Going to the beach? Pick a plum to eat on the way. Getting some milk from the shop? Eat a plum. Hanging out the washing? Eat a plum. Sitting in one place for too long? Eat a plum.

It’s ME. I know! How daring! It’s me in a wetsuit (water was cold, shut up) throwing sticks for my sister’s dog. Who never, never tires of fetching sticks. After about two hours of this, I thought with fond reminiscence of my own lazy dogs, who will look with interest as you throw a stick, then look back at you in the full expectation that you will then go and fetch it yourself.

Bee. On some sort of beach plant. This pretty much sums up the insect situation in New Zealand: you see them sometimes. If you are spectacularly clumsy, you may get hurt or stung. Note the glaring lack of animals which go out of their way to harm and annoy you, such as, I don’t know, HUNDREDS OF STICKY FLIES OH GOD.

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