I have recovered from my ranting, I’m sure you’re all glad. And I remembered why I got diesel – because I had to drive to horseriding the next day and I didn’t have time to stop. But turns out you DO have time to stop when you leave work at 4.30pm, and where you have time to stop is Spotlight. Didn’t buy any material though; some bias binding and some bobbins (always bobbins) and some curved needles, because I really needed one the other day and I thought I had some and I didn’t, so I had to sew the nose on a stuffed toy with a normal needle and it was difficult. And then I continued on and went horseriding, at which I rode without my stirrups to correct my sitting position and lo, my arse is killing me today. Good fun though. You can’t say that about a lot of things which leaves your arse in pain, but I am looking on the bright side.

I joined a gym on Monday, because it was very cheap. I haven’t gone yet. I will do that tomorrow. The whole arse thing, you know. Don’t want to overstress the old bum muscles. I will go tomorrow. HONEST.

My mum has just texted me to tell me they have had an earthquake. She says it’s safe now, because the cat is asleep, and cats sense these things. The cat is 14 years old and sleeps 22 hours a day, so I personally wouldn’t be trusting my survival to her. Especially because my own cat senses nothing in the way of seismic activity, yet somehow manages to detect the most minute rustle of a chocolate wrapper.

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  • hey, i was at spotty yesterday too! and i was watching ‘ghostrider’ the other day, watching the cowboy dood sew up nick cage with a big thick curved upholstery needle and thought ‘that’s the wrong needle for the job’.

    where do you go riding? i’m an old timey horsey girl but i wouldn’t know where to go.

  • I read somewhere that the birds all fly away just before big earthquakes. Not sure I’d be trusting a near-geriatric cat either. (No offence intended to the 14-year-old. I have a special place in my heart for sleepy old cats. Even ones that snore disgracefully)

  • wow… a sore butt from horesriding? I get a sore butt from sailing… must be the same sort of “This-is-relaxation-thru-pain” type of thing! heh heh

    Ssshussh, but dont tell [looks around cautiously]… I shop at Spotlight quite often… I am a closet sewer! Santa even shoved a new sewing machine down mah chimney at Xmas! Golly! heh heh

    Mal :)

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