hearing issues

It was the St Kilda festival this weekend, and since I live in St Kilda, I got as far away as physically possible. This was quite difficult, due to the horrendous traffic. I went out in the morning, and when I came back at about 12pm, my street was backed up like dooce. Eventually I got home, then realised I needed to get out again. Walking! Terribly underrated! Let’s do that! Hey, I’ve just realised I could have rented out my carpark for an exorbitant sum. Bugger. Maybe I’ll do that for Grand Prix.

Apart from that, Sunday was astonishingly windy, so much so that I got blown onto tiptoes while waiting at a pedestrian crossing. Now, I’m not all that big, but never before have I seriously considered the possibility of being blown away in a gust of wind. I am not Mary Poppins, people. I don’t have the skills to cope with such an event. It did not happen, but who knows what the outcome would have been had I been holding an umbrella. Hilarity, no doubt.

I am typing this at work, and I just leaned forward to squint at an email on my screen and my iPod earbud fell out of my ear and onto my desk. I vaguely felt around for it on my desk whilst continuing to read the email. Picking it up, I went to re-insert it into my ear, before realising I had picked up a small plastic footballer instead. I don’t think much sound comes out of one of those things.

It’s not only four year olds that push inappropriate things into their ears.
Or so I hear.

4 comments to hearing issues

  • Bernice

    I have a sister who decided at 9 to see what happened when a dried pea was inserted in your nose. Oddly enough it wasn’t my nose as is the usual fate of younger sisters. No, it was her own. What happens is that you then have to go to hospital. & it hurts.A lot.

  • Why do you have small plastic footballers on your desk?

    No, wait, forget I asked.

  • LOL I love it!
    Fortunately I do not have little footballers on my desk, then again I rarely listen to my iPod in my room

  • I hope you didn’t get any earwax on that poor little fella.

    I’m delurking. Been here a few times and really like your blog!

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