Right, so, what’s been going on? Shall we bullet point? I think we shall.

  • This week I have been out every single night, apart from Monday night, when a prowler jumped onto my balcony and I rang the police and the prowler took off and seven policemen turned up within five minutes, all piling through my front door in a continuous line, like they were coming out of a clown car. So I think that also counts as ‘doing something’, if by ‘something’ you mean ‘getting the absolute shit scared out of me’. Yeah. I haven’t slept much this week. Although nice to know that a full squadron of police-people (one was a woman, now I think about it) are at my beck and call.
  • I’m taking horseriding lessons. My rising trot is coming along nicely, but my jump position is rubbish. And I have pulled a muscle in my thigh that I know is going to make tomorrow a rather gimpy day.
  • My department at work is getting a restructure in a month. Joy. Cue four weeks of gallows humour and the rumour mill in overdrive until we get some answers.
  • Jesus, these are like the Bullet Points of Doom. Let’s shift it up a notch.
  • The Black Dog is looking very, very good and is walking around the place like he never took a 6-month break from the whole movement scene. He will be 9 years old in a few weeks. I never thought that dog would live to nine, especially a happy healthy nine. Amazing what a gold-plated spine will do.
  • I bought about 15 things from eBay in one day, including a fabulous haul from Japan which features a bento box and pumpkin flavoured KitKats (destined for my friend in the ongoing strange food swap.)
  • I went to the Australian Open and thought I had written a huge post about it, but it’s not here, so it must be in my head somewhere. I am also going grape grazing in the Yarra Valley in a few weeks, as well as to watch the polo at Werribee (I don’t know what this will entail, but I have asked for my horse to be done medium-rare). Quite a collection, no? I call it, “Drinking All Over Melbourne.” It is my leitmotif.
  • Hey, remember my last leitmotif? It was underwear. Maybe I will have two leitmotifs, can I do that? Because I bought some great underwear in New Zealand… days of the week underwear. IN FRENCH. Right now, I’m wearing dimanche, even though it’s jeudi. It’s so wrong, yet it feels SO RIGHT.

See? Tennis. Proof! I was there!

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  • Ah…many, many eons ago when I took riding lessons, I dreaded the hour I would have to spend posting. I had this teacher, a little 4 foot 10 inch tall, 80 lb. woman who probably could have made Hitler cry and she would spend the entire hour yelling, “HEELS DOWN.” The horses feared her.

  • Yay black dog! Just wait until he wants to upgrade to a platinum-plated spine though. They’re never satisfied.

  • Bernice

    The trot bit well it only hurts sometimes -the jump thingie though is another whole kettle of fish. I find usually that blind terror renders any previous training useless. Just hanging on is more than adequate in the achievement stakes. Though this may have more to do with the evil nags various farming family members think appropriate for the ill-prepared to be given for that bracing ride across hill and dale.Bastards.

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