short things

You know what? How about shorter posts? Will I post more if I don’t feel like I have to write 500 words? Let’s find out. It will be our adventure.

I figured out how to FINALLY get my Hotmail through my normal email program and the heavens opened and there was a choir of angels and it went BWAAAAAAAAH. My hotmail is old and stupid and doesn’t like POP3 forwarding or something, but by the delicious magic of Thunderbird it now downloads and I will never have to log into that crappy screen again. It is like a big weight full of coal and fish scales has been lifted from me. Honestly.

I have eaten about a dozen prawns tonight, and I seriously considered eating a dozen more. I like it when someone else cooks a BBQ for me. Especially when there are prawns. I also watched small children jump into a swimming pool over and over again, jac jac jac WATCH ME, jac no jac watch ME, did you SEE ME jac jac jac are you WATCHING jac? Yes. Yes, I am watching. You are an excellent diver. That looked a lot like a belly flop to me but you have come up smiling so I will not mention it.

Roses are red, but I only steal pink and orange ones.

2 comments to short things

  • sarah

    did you get my emails? the woman with the chin hair?

  • I long for the days when the niece and neph would dive in the pool yelling Aunt Babs!! Aunt Babs!! Are you looking?? Did you see that?? LOOOOK!!

    Now it’s Aunt Babs!! Aunt Babs!! Did you hear that?? Haaaaa!! Never feed that boy cabbage, I tell you.

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