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So I piked on not one, not two, but three separate social events on Friday. I even took the tram to work so that there could be drinking. (Also the Grand Prix is on, which broke St Kilda Road, and it was taking me ages to drive to work.) However the restructure outcome was released on Friday, and although for me it wasn’t much of a change (although I am not happy with it), for some other people it was not fun and combined with some resignations and other changes, made me realise that I might not enjoy work so much any more. Which sort of harshed my drinking buzz. So then I thought I’d go shopping; then realised that I DIDN’T WANT TO. Didn’t want to drink; didn’t want to shop: obviously I was crap company and should hie myself home as soon as possible. Which I did. So apologies to those at yet another blogger event I meant to go to and then piked on; although I was wearing very stylish shoes, I was not at all my usual self so it was best to go home and sigh heavily and consider the merits of drinking alone. Really, I should have created a myspace site or something. Dammit. I always think of this stuff too late.

I am fine now, though. The weekend will do that for you. I bought no more new shoes, but did strike a bargain with a friend on Saturday night: she could buy the grass-rimmed Campers that I own, if I could buy the bag that she owns. We will then have to plan ahead to make sure we don’t walk into places with matching accessories, of course, but that’s half the fun.

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  • It’s good you still have your job, and you were missed at the bloggo, next time eh?

  • Aww… *hugs* I hope the new week makes you feel better.
    If it doesn’t maybe the fact that I am missing Markus and will start another bout of depression because he is not around may help cheer you up.
    I do have pictures on my lj!

    Again *Hugs* and hope you are feeling better, and need pictures of the shoes!

    P.S. MySpace is for Emo kids, get a facebook!

  • We all have not-so-good days! [hugs] I’m enjoying the way you’re sharing your life thru your blog too – thanks!

    On a sad note, it looks as though I’ll be closing my blog down. I’ll try to let you know if I open up another one somewhere else.


  • Ha ha ha, the Grand Prix… (did I mention that I’m from Adelaide)

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