feeshy feeshy feeshy

I just made, and ate, one of the worst dinners I have ever cooked. Apricot chicken, but I didn’t have an onion – well I did, but it’s a red onion and I thought it would clash with the apricot chicken – shut up, you know I’m right – and then I realised what I was pouring into the pan was a can of apricots in syrup, not apricot nectar as directed. Gross. Apricots in syrup are, in case you were unaware, COMPLETLEY DISSIMILAR to apricot nectar. Oh well. That beats out the previous worst meal: the green chicken curry where I added the sachet of curry paste without reading the instructions (they were in THAI) (mostly) and it turns out I was supposed to only use one teaspoon, not the five tablespoons in the sachet. That was so hot we were abandoning the chicken as radioactive (even smelling it bought tears to your eyes) and trying just to eat the rice. The funniest thing about that was the next thing I cooked in that pan, I think it was a stirfry, tasted fine but had a slight burning lip tinge as you ate it. The pan was completely clean, by the way. In case you think I just cook over the top of the previous meal. I hardly ever do that.

Speaking of cooking, here are some pics of my Japanese egg mould. Sorry about the dull photos due to lack of light: I have lost my grip on the weather and it is DARK, and RAINING, and COLD. Someone in the northern hemisphere has stolen my weather mojo and is taking credit for spring up there. Damn them. Anyway, you hard-boil the egg, shell it while it’s still hot, ram it straight into the mould and slam it shut. To do this, you need extra-large eggs and I had to buy cage eggs (as the only extra-large eggs in the entire supermarket) and this affected me surprisingly deeply. Also, two of the cage eggs cracked in the saucepan because of their crappy thin shells. So this is the only egg that made it through. Now it’s a fish! Yay for shaped food!

Fishy mould, closed. What wonders lurk within?

Why, it’s an egg! Shaped like a fish! With no tail, because the egg ran out!

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  • As someone who has produced her share of vile dinners, I can relate. You know your new husband loves you when he chokes down and unfortunate combination of pasta and salsa. Hey, they rhyme, why wouldn’t they go well together?

    The fish/egg mold is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. Also, very cool.

  • That’s an egg?
    I’d have thought it to be rice… hmmm makes me wonder.

    And that person who stole your weather mojo is doing a bad job its snowing in Halifax, well more like dripping snow

  • Oi!! I am NOT giving spring back. Ever. I’m toasty now, dammit!!

    Also?? I really must get one of those egg mold thingies.

  • Mal

    Oh, that reminds me of a chilli dish I made once a few years ago that was totally inedible! And I’ve had some disasters with an attmpted home-made pepper sauce that nearly made my sinus jump straight out thru the front of my forehead in protest! heh heh.

    Wow… kute egg mold!

    Thanx and Cyalayta
    Mal :)

  • Guest room with no curtains and early morning dog disturbances. Astonishingly inedible food. Do you get many visitors, Jac?

  • Those moulds are freaking AWESOME. Where did you get it?

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