in a rich man’s world

Last week we had an internal restructure. Today is the deadline for my team to reapply for our jobs, only they’re different jobs, and there’s less of them.

What to do in the face of potential impending joblessness?

Go shopping. Duh.

I will do the Camper meme. This I solemnly pledge.

And the David Jones bag holds The Best Bra Ever, So Good I Did A Little Dance In The Change Room When I Found It. In fact there’s two of them in there, nestling in tissue paper. I was powerless to resist their “25% off when you buy 2 or more” sales pitch! Damn you, David Jones! And your excellent bras!

Oh, and the thing to the left is yet another of my vintage scales – this particular model is so heavy it’s on the floor. At present there are candles on the tray. I’m thinking of creating a shrine. To Campers, probably.

5 comments to in a rich man’s world

  • Yay for retail therapy!!! Hope things work out OK for you. I love the pic too… I haven’t seen a David Jones bag in years!!! Thanx!
    Mal :)

  • Bernice

    I stil haven’t recovered from standing in the ‘Ladies’ section of Collins Store in Murray Street as a 13 yo, and the saleslady asking “Can i help you young man?”

  • sarah

    you’re not having much luck with the job thing! im not having much luck with a clerkship thing!

    damn all employers!

  • Yick. That kind of thing makes me feel ill. Good luck, and all that.

    Damn the man!

  • Laylabean

    Scary, I know. I hope things are working out for you!

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