let’s go camping!

As seen by the picture in my last post, I am working hard on increasing my Camper collection. Laura and Sophie began this mad crusade. I shall continue. And, have you noticed that of the many shoes we all own, there has not yet been one double up?

I had to really, really force myself to pay the money for these. AND they were half price. As it turns out, I have worn them constantly every winter for four years straight. And they still look good(ish). The wedge-like heel gives me enough height so that my jeans don’t drag on the wet ground, while still letting me stomp around for hours without getting sore feet. These actually hurt after a while across the top of my foot. Perhaps I have fatter feet than your average Spaniard?

I bought these soon afterwards, purely on looks, and I hardly wear them. I never broke them in properly, and they savagely chew my heels. That’s elastic going across each shoe in different directions. I love them though. Often I just look at them.

The suede boots which have caused me oh so much pain last year. They fit me very well now. I am looking forward to wearing them this winter (although not in the rain, see: suede). My favourite part about them is the inner leather – butter soft and plum coloured, with gold flowers etched into the leather. I wish shoes were reversible.

Cow Camper shoes. I wore these today to a BBQ and got non-stop comments on them. I also dripped tomato sauce on one, but it’s good now. One makes an annoying farting sound when I walk. I hope that stops soon. These are made from really soft leather.

A few weeks ago. Full price, no questions. I wore them to work the next day (the business casual dress code is a SUGGESTION only, I’m sure) was complimented on them by the delivery guy. You know you’ve got awesome shoes when even the delivery guy notices. The grass is green felt sewn around the entire edge of both shoes. Wedges again, to help with my pathetic lack of height.

Boots! Not too tight and with rubber soles and damn, they’re really comfortable. And I got them zipped up (eventually) the third time I wore them round the house. And even though I’m claiming I bought them in a moment of depression-shopping weakness, to be fair that isn’t exactly true. This restructure will be fine, and in fact I can’t even work up the energy to care about it, that’s how much of a non-event I think it is. Really, I’m just using it as an excuse to buy boots.

…and I forgot to add, one of my favourite part about Campers are the patterns on the soles. Which is ridiculous, but true.

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  • I love the boots! Especially the purple leather on the inside.

  • I love the suede boots… sensational! The only pair of boots I own are a grotty old pair of steel-capped workboots! [sob! sniff sniff]

  • Kate

    Gah! And I’ve been worried about your job all week… OK, so I exaggerate a little.

    I never used to be a shoe person. In any competition of comfort against fashion, comfort wins every time. However, I bought a pair of shoes from Rivers that are so cool and also the most comfortable things I have ever had on my feet. It’s love, I tell you.

    Do you ever walk past a place you walked yesterday and look for your own footprints?

    I got sent your hamster-avater in an email today. It says ‘I has a karot’ on it. Julie Frick is right – hamsters do rool, and gerbils totally drool…

  • I too like the suede boots. And, indeed, the black ones with the sexy hell, though I myself am a failure with heels. But you’re right. The pattern on the sole is part of the subtle brilliance that is the camper shoe.

  • Mary

    The boots are great! I got my first ever pair of Campers last week as a birthday gift and they’ve barely left my feet since even though they’re not nearly as exciting as your fab new shoes with the green felt.

    It’s not surpring you guys don’t have any double ups: the shop put a catalogue of the current season’s range in the bag. There are about THREE HUNDRED different shoes and I really want about fifty of them.

  • Oh Evil Temptress! You have made me discover the possible downfall of my credit card.

  • I am also blaming you (or your photos, rather) for the purchase of a sideboard with queen anne legs this afternoon, off ebay. After much hunting. I hope it’s not quite as knackered as it looks like in the listing…..

  • Why have I never heard of these shoes before? Oh wait, possibly because I gave up all shopping (except groceries) when I had children. They are fabulous. I agree about the reversible thing, shame to hide that lining.

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