*single tear rolls down cheek*

Wow, thanks for all the nice comments about my job. Now I feel really shitty. After all, I have a good job, in a big (I originally wrote ‘good’, but let’s stick with ‘big’) company, working with awesome products, that lots of other people would kill for. And I’m all, “wah wah sucks to be me I lost my favourite project” while other people have been completely screwed. So yeah. No myspace blog for me, because you know what this is? Perspective. And that is banned from myspace, BANNED, so I guess I’ll just have to stay here and make the best of things. How boring.

I’m sewing again. I was inspired by, of all things, a quilt magazine that was attached free to another magazine. Also the fact that I cannot find a bag which does all of the bag things I want (lots of pockets, but in VERY SPECIFIC PLACES, of a good size and a good colour). So I shall make one. (This will, of course, not prevent me from buying the bag mentioned in the previous post. Just so we’re straight.) Currently I am cutting into Liberty fabric to do so, which is when I got nervous and sweaty and came back to the computer. Ah, internet. You never challenge me. Don’t ever leave.

Photos soon, probably. And while I think about it:

The coolest thing about this goat, apart from its inherent and intrinsic coolness, was that it was resting under a sign which said, “ALPACA’S”. And so I took a photo. And, as it turns out, I did not take a photo of the sign. Only of the goat.Which is not an alpaca, but you wouldn’t know that, due to the lack of sign. Sorry about that.

2 comments to *single tear rolls down cheek*

  • What’s this…? No emo posts? Oh the noes! What will MySpace do without it? [just stirring!]

    Are you *sure* that’s a goat? It looks like something … well… maybe an Alpaca-crossed with a Merino rug, perhaps? Golly!

    PS. In case you don’t know who this is, I used to say “Quack” a lot… [how embarrasing!] lol


  • I love the goat.

    And, yes, you are allowed to rant and bitch on your blog about your job, your partner, your family, or your life. That’s what blogs are for.

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