What did you do this weekend?

I made a chicken.

I’m not really sure which came first.

7 comments to bokbok

  • Love your chicken. Love your egg mould. Love shaped food.

    Are you sure you’re not becoming a culinary blog without noticing?

  • Mal

    Maybe you’re getting clucky? [just kidding]
    Enjoy :)

  • Chicken is just TOO cute!!!

  • sarah

    i have a shoe addiction. i have known this for some time.

    i must have many pairs of keds.
    many. pairs. i hate companies that do not ship internationally.

  • Laylabean

    Cute! I love how its little feet stick straight out in front. Good thing that chicken doesn’t have a predator, it wouldn’t be able to outrun anything.

  • What came first? – the chicken. In those far off days of feminist dreaming, many a woman went to a festival & returned with a new name – including one Gwen Egg. She later became pregnant, & on the birth of her child, placed a birth notice in the Mercury newspaper. The entry above hers was for the Chick family announcing their happy delivery. So its settled folks – definitely the Chick Before the Egg.

  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I shall have to make one myself. It’s all felt, yes?

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