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I have returned. I always say that, I think. But I have! I went to the Central Coast for a wedding. There I reunited with lots of other people who live in Melbourne, most of whom I hadn’t seen in over a year, because you know Point Cook is a very long way from Prahran. (Hint: it isn’t. It’s just that no one wants to go to Point Cook.) Anyway, apart from taking the piss out of those who live in Point Cook (and keep in mind I come from New Zealand so had absolutely zero legs to stand on, although that could have been the alcohol) I found the Central Coast to be awesome. Not that I knew where I was going or what I was doing. I flew into Newcastle, went to pick up the rental car, and when the rental car guy asked me where I was going I just looked at him blankly. He seemed reluctant to hand over the keys until I dredged up a snippet from my memory: “It’s something to do with a bird.” (Hint: Budgewoi. This is totally birdlike!)

We filled the car to capacity with people and luggage (not mine, I took carry-on only, and smuggled on a metal nail file I AM SO HARD CORE oh god it was a mistake I swear) and took off. Mr. T was driving (and here you sense a large part of my recent blogging absences) and two people we had never met were in the back, Austin Powers was navigating on TomTom (“groovy driving, yeah!”) and we made it to our destination within our 100km rental car daily limit. Then I went swimming in the ocean and got pummelled by some great waves, and only almost drowned once. Swimmer of the year! Also my ear filled up with water and I could not shake it out all weekend, causing me great anxiety for the flight back. (I am shit at both foreshadowing and remembering what I said five minutes ago, so I will confirm this caused no problems and I did not have to scream with sinus pain on the landing. Score!)

I haven’t downloaded the weekend’s photos yet, but I feel the need for a beachy one. Here’s a fish.

[Babe-the-pig voice]

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