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So I was in Clayton, looking for some strange food for the ongoing Strange Food Swap. My favourite item from this visit was the packet of chips – Cuttlefish flavour. (I also got some Green Pea flavoured ones, but the Cuttlefish ones had a big picture of a cuttlefish on the front and you can’t beat an invertebrate cephalopod cthulhu for deliciousness.)

But then I saw this and instantly bought it for myself. A big tin of biscuits with awesome packaging! Look, it’s Mr. Choice! For only seven dollars!

When I popped open the tin to trial the biscuits, I found they were all individually packaged. I snacked on one of each flavour in the car on the way home. The little coconut ones were delicious, and I have pulled those all out to keep. Every single other biscuit tasted like fake banana flavouring. And not just the creme-filled ones, as you might expect, but even the chocolate-chip cookies. Why fake banana flavour? I hate fake banana flavour. And why must ALL the biscuits taste like fake banana, even the plain Scotch finger type ones? And why are the coconut ones so delicious when all the other ones taste crap?

Ah, Mr. Choice, you have left me with not much of a choice at all. Coconut! That’s all there is! And, of course, the awesome tin. Now I just have to decide what to store in it.

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  • Kate

    Culinary blog! Culinary blog!

    I hate fake berry flavour, myself. Any berry, but especially strawberry. It’s so bad I can’t even eat berry yoghurt, even when it has real berries in it.

    I love me a cephalopod. But not for eating. Only for knitting (

  • I know! I know! You must store coconut macaroons in your big new tin (that I desperately covet, BTW). You will make them! They will be fabulous! You will not alter the recipe according to any gaps between the ingredient list and the contents of your pantry! The spirit of coco-goodness will live on in the tin!

    Or, bulk-purchased tampons.

  • Bernice

    Next time you want a tin – ask. Got some beauties the agri-fertilisers come in…

  • Laylabean

    Why fake banana? Because it’s “The right combination choice.” Duh.

    I love the tin, especially the awkward phrasing of the English translations. Can we see more of that? Badly translated English is one of my chief delights. Uh…unless it’s on the toy I’m trying to put together at 2:00 Christmas morning!

  • I really love fake banana flavour – especially in banana paddlepops and those bananas you get in kids lollybags. Yum. But I can’t stand real bananas.

    Fake strawberry and cherry favouring bring back all those evil flavoured medicines from my childhood so I can’t eat any of them.

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