Ah, eBay. Allowing me to buy things while sitting on my arse. I’ve mentioned this before, I think. Hey, at least I don’t know my credit card number off by heart. That would be going too far.

Here’s a meme that’s old and yet I somehow want to do it. Answer the questions using pictures you have found on Google Image search. Apparently you’re supposed to use the first picture but if I didn’t like that one, I didn’t. I’m a rebel and I’ll never ever be any good.

Your age on your next birthday:

Don’t ask me, ask Google.

Your favorite colour:

Again, this is ‘green’ to Google. I’m just doing what I’m told here.

Your middle name:

I had to go a fair way in to find an image that wasn’t porn. Nice.

The last meal you ate:


Your bad habit:

Apathetic laziness? I’m so there. Or I would be, if I could be bothered.

Your favourite fruit or vegetable:

Not square, though. Although I’d give it a go.

Your favourite animal:

Not from Google. Sorry. And don’t tell the other dog.

The town you live in:

Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Oh wait, that’s Queensland. My bad.

The name of your pet:

OMG! Black Dog is exposed!

Your SO or best friend’s nickname:


Your crush’s name:

Although not really. It just seemed like the thing to do. I object to the word ‘crush’. It all seems a bit Dolly magazine, circa 1988.

Your occupation:

Again, not really, but that’s what came up on the search and hey, maybe I should wear a name badge. And get a haircut like Eddie Munster.

Your birth city:

They told me I was born in a hospital but I see no traces of one.

Your favourite song:

You give me that funny feeling in my tummy.

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