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It seems I am really bad at this blogging thing. I don’t even really have any excuses. Well, I was flat out busy last week (busy at work, busy at home, even busier at work, somewhere to be every night — although this seems like a very normal situation for some people, it stresses me out because I am LAZY) and this weekend I meant to accomplish lots of things, only now it’s Sunday morning and sunny and I have a cup of tea and I am listening to songs from lacroix (I like ‘Math and Physics Club’, although I feel compelled to point out it should be ‘MathS and Physics Club’ and also, who has clubs for those things? moving on) and I am waiting for some washing to finish washing and I can’t remember what all those things were, those things that were so important. This always happens to me. And then I get to Monday and I am angry I haven’t done half of what I meant to do. But who wants to write a list for their weekend?

The Black Dog is not doing so well now the weather is a bit colder – he has stiffened back up and he can’t bring one of his paws down properly. (If you think of how an animal (or a person I guess) walks, a front leg comes forward and then the foot extends and they stand on the foot – Black Dog can’t extend the foot easily, so he lands and walks with the foot tucked in on itself, so he walks on his knuckles. Or to prevent this he swings his leg out sideways so his foot can stay extended.) (Originally this paragraph was one long sentence, but I ran out of breath so I went back and put some full stops in for your comfort.) But considering he couldn’t stand up at all a few months ago, he is still OK. He is seeing a dog whisperer on Thursday, only this person seems like a cross between a dog whisperer and a Crazy Lady. She’s recommended by the Black Dog’s physiotherapist, with a caveat on the Nuttiness. I have no problems with animal whisperers in general – it makes sense that some people would have a greater rapport with animals than others. But this lady apparently has actual conversations with the dog, who tells her what he wants and where he is hurting and what his problems are. Mr. T and I are a bit worried about what the Black Dog will tell her about us. The current favourite is “WANT MORE BISCUITS”. Or perhaps “WANT MORE BONES”. He has a pretty one-track mind. Anyway, she saw him briefly yesterday at physio (shut up) and they had a brief conversation. Well, Black Dog stared intently at the biscuit in his physiotherapist’s hand, and paid no attention whatsoever to the dog whisperer as she ‘talked’ with him.
She said, “He’s saying there’s something wrong with his ear. Does he have ear infections?”
“… No. In fact, never in his life has he ever had an ear infection.”
“Well, it’s definitely something about his ears. Maybe his inner ear?”
(This is when I had to bite down so as not to point out that it was obvious to all that the dog was having trouble walking, he has balance problems, so pointing out an inner ear problem was hardly rocket science.)
Maybe I will not attend the dog whisperer session. I’m sure I will just be flagged as ‘unhelpful’ and the dog will no doubt ‘say’ something mean about me. “EATS FOOD IN FRONT OF ME AND DOES NOT SHARE”. Yeah thanks dog, way to dob me in.

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