Kate has just written about sloths which bought back memories for me. Not of real sloths; I’ve never seen one outside a zoo. But we had a stuffed sloth in my university post-grad department (due to space constraints I was with the Zoology students, which rocked). Also deer skeletons and hagfish and fruit flies, but it was the sloth we loved. We moved him round and dressed him up on our every whim.

Note the walkman… well it WAS the 90s.

That’s the rare Afro Deer in front, but I can’t remember what the back skeleton was. Something with tusks? I was just IN the Zoology department, I didn’t actually DO any.

Funnily enough, the guy reading the Cosmo is the only one of us with a PhD. I am standing at the back, demonstrating my usual lack of concern for the comfort of others.

i forgot to add a title

I’m just not good at remembering things at the moment. Such as the fact I left an open-ended question here, then just pissed off and left it. I’m sure you’re used to it, though.

I bought “all astonishment”, and YES I did consider “excessively diverted” but I actually thought nobody else would be able to spell it. It is available though, and I was all astonishment. Anyway, the companion piece to “all astonishment” is, as I see it, “all politeness”. I’m not, though, and I’m not rude enough either. Because I really think that would work with a really snarky subject. And not someone who would neglect it, leaving it to wither and die on barren ground. For example.

It’s a long weekend here. Yay the Queen. So far, to honour her, I have listed some things on eBay and vaguely attempted to sew some darts into a dress front. Also I have made two large batches of soup (leek & potato and pumpkin, and can I say pumpkin soup really sings if you use chicken consomme instead of chicken stock; it goes all velvety and unctuous) and washed untold loads of washing and found out that the heating works in my house, for lo, it all came on at once and suddenly I was mad hot and sweating and wondering what the hell was going on. The heating. That is what is going on. This is similar to the part when they (and ‘they’ refers to the building supervisors or overlords or whoever) turned the hot water off from 8am to 3pm last Monday, and I only remembered this at 7.58am when I had yet to shuffle my way into the shower. Quickest shower ever. Bugger the water restrictions, if they just made all the water cold that would solve all their showering problems. And I wouldn’t have to trip over a bucket ever time I shampoo my hair.


Well the dog whisperererer was quite interesting. The Black Dog does not mind what people do to him – doesn’t react when needles are injected, the occasional whimper about something, that’s about it. This makes him a very irritating dog to be sick, by the way, as you can’t tell what’s hurting him. Anyway, the dog whisperer came and told us how tense he was, how nothing was getting through, flowing down. Alright then. The Black Dog lay there passively, panting agreeably, as she touched him on the head (there’s no pressure involved, so she wasn’t squeezing or anything). He didn’t mind this, although he was a bit confused as to why someone was sitting so close to him and yet not patting him. She talked to him and ‘replied’ to him (“yes I know, I’ll do that bit soon… he’s telling me about his radial nerve, does that mean anything to you?” Um, no, and I don’t think he knows what a radial nerve is.) At one point he started pushing her with his nose, his signal to pat him and pat him NOW DAMMIT, but she ‘misinterpreted’ and told him it wouldn’t hurt much longer. Heh. Anyway, all good so far. As she moved down his back, I was interested by his behaviour – he moved from passive, to bored, to restless, but then he turned away from her and stretched his head as far away as possible. This is Black Dog speak for I REALLY DON’T LIKE THIS (because he shows no pain, and is a very polite dog, this is really strong language for him). But by the time she got down to his shoulders (his front legs are his major problem area), he was actively straining to get away, whining, and eventually giving a constant, steady bark. So I must concede that she was indeed doing something. Talking to him? I don’t think so. (And he didn’t give us away! Good dog!) But Mr. T feels like he could walk better in the next few days, and so I’m happy to keep going. He got whispered again this morning, so I’ll go and see how he’s doing tonight. It does seem to be more Alternative Hippy Therapy, and less Crazy Mind Reading, which is the ratio I was hoping for. And to be frank, this is the last stop for the Black Dog. If he can’t walk on his own now, there’s nothing more that can be done for him. I hope she didn’t tell him that in their Telepathic Talk.

Enough! What else has been happening? I had visitors over from New Zealand this weekend, as it’s their Queens Birthday this weekend (it’s ours next weekend, and yes it’s the same Queen; she is Shrodingers Queen, obviously). So there was much shopping and wine and winery visits. That means today there is much laundry and cleaning and sorting. I really need this long weekend – come! Come to me!

I bought a new domain name (well it came free with hosting space I had already bought, so there you go). Don’t go there, as I haven’t even directed it anywhere, but it is:
(And .net, since I went for the full set this time).
Now you should be able to name the book, not to mention the quote. So I won’t even ask. BUT: can you think of the ‘companion’ domain name, in the same format (all…), that I almost bought instead? The only thing that stopped me is that I’m not, whereas I think I can do something with all astonishment. I don’t know what, yet. I’ll tell you when I decide.