Kate has just written about sloths which bought back memories for me. Not of real sloths; I’ve never seen one outside a zoo. But we had a stuffed sloth in my university post-grad department (due to space constraints I was with the Zoology students, which rocked). Also deer skeletons and hagfish and fruit flies, but it was the sloth we loved. We moved him round and dressed him up on our every whim.

Note the walkman… well it WAS the 90s.

That’s the rare Afro Deer in front, but I can’t remember what the back skeleton was. Something with tusks? I was just IN the Zoology department, I didn’t actually DO any.

Funnily enough, the guy reading the Cosmo is the only one of us with a PhD. I am standing at the back, demonstrating my usual lack of concern for the comfort of others.

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