cat update

This is a nest Mr. T found on the lawn under a tree. No birds, eggs or traces of any habitation remain. I doubt the cat got it down; maybe it just fell? It doesn’t look very stable.

Speaking of the cat, Mr. T had to go to Sydney for work so I stayed at the house to look after the dogs. The Black Dog is presently extremely high maintenance, requiring toilet sessions and patting and all manner of support the minute the lights go out. At one point he woke me up whining; he had wedged himself between the side of the bed and the wall, so I had to drag him out of there – except there’s a wardrobe along that wall, and he sort of got stuck and dragged the wardrobe sliding door open with his foot. He’s such a help. Anyway, I got up the next morning and organised the animals and went to work; when I got home the next night I heard the cat, so I opened the front door for him. He didn’t come. Whatever. Mr. T got home around 10pm and grunted about Sydney weather and went to bed, but then I heard him get up and open the front door: “I heard the cat…” he said. “I haven’t seen him all night, so he’s probably out there,” I said helpfully, not moving from my spot in front of the heater. He couldn’t see him so he closed the door and went back to bed. Whereupon he started calling for me to come into the bedroom… whereupon he opened the wardrobe door… whereupon the cat strolled out lazily, leaving behind the battered shoebox he had been using as a bed for the past 20 hours. Oops. He must have done that cat thing where they shoot like arrows into any partly opened door or cupboard, and due to my woeful eyesight and, you know, the fact it was DARK and the middle of the fucking night when I was dog wrangling, I hadn’t seen that; so I closed the wardrobe so the boogeyman wouldn’t get me and I went back to sleep. Since he routinely sleeps for 23 hours of the day he seemed quite pleased with his adventure.

To continue this theme, he has now taken to sleeping in the laundry. There’s an old bookcase in there for storing laundry detergent and rags and dog towels; I was pulling clothes out of the dryer when he sort of swam into focus and I realised the stack of dog towels on the middle shelf had EYES. So he sleeps in the bookcase now, on some dog towels. I don’t know where he will end up yet, but guesses include (a) the fireplace; (b) on top of the coffee maker; (c) in the third kitchen drawer, with the aluminium foil.

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  • Lucky you don’t have a newborn baby lying round the house because the cat would sleep on it.

  • Mal

    Ahh, u gotta luv the cat who sleeps anywhere, anytime, anyhow! Maybe it compensates for Black Dogs’ high maintenance?

    I like that nest… looks like the one that nestling under one of our gutter pipes by the front door! No-ones’ in it at the moment, tho.

    Mal :)

  • Laylabean

    Oh my goodness, I did the exact same thing to our cat! Only he was locked in the closet for more than 48 hours.

    We were going out of town for the weekend and he was sleeping in the laundry. I checked every pile, but somehow missed him. The closet is the one door I closed in the whole house when we left because I didn’t want him in there.

    Poor kitty! He was fine but I felt terrible. He got tuna for supper for a while after that.

  • Poor %#@&* kitty … heh, maddening little beasts arent they? We have four plus a black dog.

  • Our cat likes the ironing board. Or, in the mornings, my face.

    Sometimes, if you leave a sleeping bag or blanket on a chair, it will burrow its way in. Funny, it doesn’t seem to enjoy it so much when we drape the blanket over it, later…

  • My one cat has now taken over my brother’s third dresser drawer and there is NO taking it back. We’ve tried, but nothing short of a court order is getting her to budge. Our other cat is far less picky and will choose the kitchen table, the the-showerstall, or under my pillow for naps-what-are-safe-from-dogs.

  • What a feline adventure… though it sounds like he slept through most of it.

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