rare steak

It seems I am on some sort of posting roll. This doesn’t happen very often (like I have to tell you that…) so hang on to your hats. Nothing of substance has happened yet but did you really expect it to?

As part of Shopping Frenzy 07 I found out my new handbag is a copy of a Marc Jacobs one (similar to this one, but with better front pockets). And it’s not like mine was cheap – it’s leather and from a place I never thought would, um, borrow from others’ designs. I’m not sure how to feel about this — the Marc Jacobs one was $950 on sale at DJs, so obviously I’d never purchase it, and so Marc would never receive any money from me; I saw my bag before I saw the ‘original’, so I didn’t set out to buy a fake or lust after some sort of designer object; and I actually like the colour of mine much better (a sort of olive green) so I think it’s an improvement on the original. I’m conflicted. But there’s nothing I can do about it, and I really like the bag, so I’ll stuff it deep into my subconscious and keep it there. An approach recommended by leading medical professionals, I’m sure.

I’ve been drinking a glass of wine with dinner, which is not something I usually do. It’s a NZ sauvignon blanc, beloved by all as THE wine of the moment (and indeed of the decade so far); but I’m not a fan. I think it’s due to drinking this varietal since I was 15 or so, and frankly I am OVER it. Look at me, all the way over here ahead of the curve. It doesn’t happen very often, so I like to take note when it does. Other things I am over: tangelos (overrated); ticker advertising running at the bottom of TV programs (no surprise there); bubble dresses (unflattering); roadworks. Perhaps I’m not so different after all.

Cat’s current sleeping place: on my ski pants. Comfortable.

I’m running out of photos and the camera battery is flat. I’m the blonde one.

6 comments to rare steak

  • Bernice

    Given label fashion’s propensity for appropriating (stealing in anyone else’s lingo)design & work from small concerns, are you sure that Marc Jacobs didn’t copy either yours or knock off someone else’s?

  • Mal

    Wow, you’re still a Class-A Shopaholic I see? Whoo hoo!

    I hope you don’t NEED to wear those ski pants in a hurry… cat hair is a disaster to try to remove off things like that in a hurry! heh heh

    Mal :)

  • g

    Unflattering bubble dresses and roadwork… so many things I, too, am over.
    see you, g
    (P.S. Hello you!)

  • Luna Park, my childhood heaven, fair floss and the Rotor.

    You’re good looking, I know: I’ve seen a close-up.

  • Fairy floss.
    I need a new keyboard.

  • Plaigarism is basic to all culture, or so I hear, anyways.

    I saw a girl last night wearing a bubble mini-dress as a kind of tunic top over jeans. Because what every woman needs is more width at her hips and the illusion that she has no waist at all.

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