the show

The Brown Dog didn’t win at the show. Not that he cares. He was a bit busy making new friends.

Also, breaking news: dogs do not like fairy floss.

tick tick tick

OK, so I fixed the comments issue (well I hope so anyway). Half the problem was that my gmail address had suddenly decided that all comments from my blog were spam, so that’s why I wasn’t getting them. (Is there any way to stop gmail from identifying spam at all? I don’t get spam through this email (touch wood) and so I’d rather get every email, spam or not.) The other issue was that I couldn’t log onto my admin page to edit comments. No idea what the problem was there; I ended up reinstalling the comments files. All good now! I can email you all again! Yay for me! Not so good for you!

Now that I’m here, I don’t have a lot to say. I was at work until 6.45pm tonight, which is no way to spend a Friday night. But wait, it gets better: all I was doing was finishing all sorts of little things that I hadn’t had time to do during the week. Usually I’ll only stay late at work for some gigantor project or deadline, but I gritted my teeth for the last hour and forced myself through all this boring stuff. Expenses? Done! Asking for a quote for some completely unreasonable request that I know already will be too expensive, so the person wanting the quote will never order the product and my work will have been for nothing? Done! Filling in a survey about the conference last week? Done! Net result: I got my Inbox down to one screen. I actually stood up and raised my hands above my head in triumph. It was a big moment for me. You may commence pitying me… now.

To try to raise the craftiness levels around here: this is a bag I made months ago for my sister. It’s just a straight tote bag, made of green corduroy and lined with the same crocodile fabric as on the panel on the outside. Apologies for the crappy flash photo; it was probably 2am when I finished it, and I needed to wrap it immediately to send in the morning. That’s just how I roll.

I don’t know if you can see the crocodiles clearly, but this is The Best Fabric I Have Every Found At Spotlight, (Not That That’s Saying Much). But the crocodiles do have great expressions on their little reptilian faces, and I was compelled to buy them.

Aw. Little maneaters. Bless ’em.

bounceback offer

OK, right, see, there was this OTHER work junket, right, and it ate all of last week. I had to work long hours at the start of the week to compensate for being away at the end of the week, which sucks, frankly. Who signed up for this sort of punishment? Oh yes, it was me, and that’s what they pay me for. Damn. However, moving on, it was all good, and here I am back into a hopefully normal schedule. I don’t like to say that this will mean you’ll hear from me more, as I wouldn’t want to jinx anything; but who knows. And speaking of, with my belated update last week, I didn’t get any emails regarding any of the comments; which means I have somehow added MY OWN WEBSITE to my spam list and I will have to do something about that. Honestly, some days I don’t think I should be allowed to operate one of these things.

This weekend was pretty quiet, luckily, and much time was invested in recouping my sleep debt (see: junkets, two within three weeks, involving… well, lets just say that we had to do one of those life pie exercises, and in the version we did, one of the questions involved drinking less than 14 alcoholic units a fortnight, and let’s just say my table of eight people avoided each other’s eyes and marked that one down as a unilateral “no”) so a bit of weekend quietness was probably a good thing. Next weekend, however, I will be at the Melbourne Royal Show on Sunday, so if there are any lurkers who want to meet me (or, more likely, want to meet the Brown Dog or Mr. T) let me know and I’ll tell you the secret handshake.

You know when you sit on the floor and play on the laptop? And you are all alone? Then, somehow, mysteriously, you emit “Lonely Send Help” pheromones and help arrives? This happens to me all the time. I know I am not the only person who is Aggressively Loved in this manner. My laptop screen is in the lower right of the screen and I am taking the picture from above my own head. There is also a craft book under the cat, in the mistaken belief I am a person who may once again create something.

Also, this is me junketing. We get good junket locations, I will say that. (Actually this isn’t even a junket; this is pre-junket, because it’s in Victoria, but you get the idea.) You can’t see my bag but let me tell you it is a way cool embroidered bag with an owl on it. It’s awesome and you want it. Just believe me on this one.

And yes I am standing on a stump. Hey, I’ll take extra height however I can get it. If I could carry that stump around with me, I WOULD.


God almighty, the minute I said “posting roll” it’s like I up and died. I JINXED MYSELF. And nobody said my name, obviously. Anyway, this would have likely continued indefinitely, except my email died (AGAIN) and as I was resurrecting it and purging, I went through all my comments from this year and you are all great (*sob*) and I felt bad. So thanks for commenting. Going through them all in a big batch made me feel much more popular than I really am. And I’d like to thank the Academy, and my parents for having me.

And also “King Arthur” is on TV and it is making me twitch with its badness. (Mr. T: “It’s OK.” Me: “Oh my god it is SO NOT OK.”) They got me offside with the first explanatory screen, proclaiming “Historians agree…” which, as anyone who has studied history would know, NEVER HAPPENS. Historians never agree. No academics agree. Apart from the dog show world, I have never seen such rigid ideology and childish behaviour as I have from academics. (Hi, academics reading! I don’t mean you!) So, moving on. Arthurian Legend was one thing I studied in university (Nerdigiousness Degree of Difficulty: 4.9) and I’ll be FUCKED if I had to read Chretien de Troyes for nothing. (Sad realisation: I had to read Chretien de Troyes for nothing.)

What else? I went to a rugby league game today, a Melbourne Storm home game. Mr. T likes league and I like almost all live sport, and it was a gorgeous day, so we went along. The Storm won 40-0 (I think) and there was a streaker who ran the whole length of the field, dancing in front of the players as he went. He received a great deal of applause, before the lax security guards finally caught up with him and one leapt at him, tackling him spectacularly to the ground. It truly was the game with everything. Also, New Zealand played their opening Rugby World Cup game against Italy (and won, no surprises there) so it’s been a bit of a sports-filled day. I even performed some athletic endeavours of my own on Saturday — if you were part of the large crowd watching the bidding on a house auction in Armadale on Saturday morning, and an extremely red-faced girl ran through you with an extremely large and hairy Brown Dog, um, hi! Also, good luck! I didn’t really get to see the house but that is a really nice street and I’d like to live on it myself. Also, your neighbours would not normally be as red-faced as they may appear.

Again, I have no photos on this laptop. I’ll post some from my work junket last week when I remember to get them off the camera. (Oh yes, I was on a work junket from Sunday – Thursday last week; hence another reason for my slackness.) For now, please enjoy this LiveJournal icon I am posting here completely for my own, nerdy enjoyment.