bounceback offer

OK, right, see, there was this OTHER work junket, right, and it ate all of last week. I had to work long hours at the start of the week to compensate for being away at the end of the week, which sucks, frankly. Who signed up for this sort of punishment? Oh yes, it was me, and that’s what they pay me for. Damn. However, moving on, it was all good, and here I am back into a hopefully normal schedule. I don’t like to say that this will mean you’ll hear from me more, as I wouldn’t want to jinx anything; but who knows. And speaking of, with my belated update last week, I didn’t get any emails regarding any of the comments; which means I have somehow added MY OWN WEBSITE to my spam list and I will have to do something about that. Honestly, some days I don’t think I should be allowed to operate one of these things.

This weekend was pretty quiet, luckily, and much time was invested in recouping my sleep debt (see: junkets, two within three weeks, involving… well, lets just say that we had to do one of those life pie exercises, and in the version we did, one of the questions involved drinking less than 14 alcoholic units a fortnight, and let’s just say my table of eight people avoided each other’s eyes and marked that one down as a unilateral “no”) so a bit of weekend quietness was probably a good thing. Next weekend, however, I will be at the Melbourne Royal Show on Sunday, so if there are any lurkers who want to meet me (or, more likely, want to meet the Brown Dog or Mr. T) let me know and I’ll tell you the secret handshake.

You know when you sit on the floor and play on the laptop? And you are all alone? Then, somehow, mysteriously, you emit “Lonely Send Help” pheromones and help arrives? This happens to me all the time. I know I am not the only person who is Aggressively Loved in this manner. My laptop screen is in the lower right of the screen and I am taking the picture from above my own head. There is also a craft book under the cat, in the mistaken belief I am a person who may once again create something.

Also, this is me junketing. We get good junket locations, I will say that. (Actually this isn’t even a junket; this is pre-junket, because it’s in Victoria, but you get the idea.) You can’t see my bag but let me tell you it is a way cool embroidered bag with an owl on it. It’s awesome and you want it. Just believe me on this one.

And yes I am standing on a stump. Hey, I’ll take extra height however I can get it. If I could carry that stump around with me, I WOULD.

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