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OK, so I fixed the comments issue (well I hope so anyway). Half the problem was that my gmail address had suddenly decided that all comments from my blog were spam, so that’s why I wasn’t getting them. (Is there any way to stop gmail from identifying spam at all? I don’t get spam through this email (touch wood) and so I’d rather get every email, spam or not.) The other issue was that I couldn’t log onto my admin page to edit comments. No idea what the problem was there; I ended up reinstalling the comments files. All good now! I can email you all again! Yay for me! Not so good for you!

Now that I’m here, I don’t have a lot to say. I was at work until 6.45pm tonight, which is no way to spend a Friday night. But wait, it gets better: all I was doing was finishing all sorts of little things that I hadn’t had time to do during the week. Usually I’ll only stay late at work for some gigantor project or deadline, but I gritted my teeth for the last hour and forced myself through all this boring stuff. Expenses? Done! Asking for a quote for some completely unreasonable request that I know already will be too expensive, so the person wanting the quote will never order the product and my work will have been for nothing? Done! Filling in a survey about the conference last week? Done! Net result: I got my Inbox down to one screen. I actually stood up and raised my hands above my head in triumph. It was a big moment for me. You may commence pitying me… now.

To try to raise the craftiness levels around here: this is a bag I made months ago for my sister. It’s just a straight tote bag, made of green corduroy and lined with the same crocodile fabric as on the panel on the outside. Apologies for the crappy flash photo; it was probably 2am when I finished it, and I needed to wrap it immediately to send in the morning. That’s just how I roll.

I don’t know if you can see the crocodiles clearly, but this is The Best Fabric I Have Every Found At Spotlight, (Not That That’s Saying Much). But the crocodiles do have great expressions on their little reptilian faces, and I was compelled to buy them.

Aw. Little maneaters. Bless ’em.

3 comments to tick tick tick

  • The one there in the middle on the bottom, with the googlie eyes thinking to himself, “mmm, your toes look tasty!” …I think I love him.

  • Mal

    Pooh for overtime! But glad u got it all done tho :)

    I luv the bag! You sure sew better than I do… all I usually end up sewing for myself is a sailing bag cover or something! Gagh! heh heh.

    Mal :)

  • Cee

    Those crocodiles are the cutest thing ever. I always see fabrics like that and think, “So cute! Must buy!” And then come to my senses and realise that I would never do anything with them. Those crocodiles might have won me over though.

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