It was hot here this weekend.

And we ended up with a yearly bonus after all.
I may have begun spending mine.

Old friends.
Yes, they choose to sleep in the messiest place they can find, purely to spoil my photo.

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  • Mal

    What gorgeous photos! It was warm up here too this weekend… I spent it on the water.
    The iPod-thingie looks good. Now all you’ve got to do is fill it up with endless hours of music. Enjoy!
    Mal :)

  • Aha! A product for skinny fingered people!

  • What beautiful companions you have. They could sleep anywhere and still be gorgeous. My two cats do the very same thing in regard to where they sleep.

  • I’ve got a crap eye for detail. All I would have seen in that last photo is a cat and a dog curled up together in perfect peace and har-mon-eee. But then you mentioned the mess.

  • So, you’re getting summer, AND you have a new ipod? Ugh, I’m jealous! It’s cold here (40-50F)and my ipod is OLD. WITH its old big old four old buttons. Let me load up some late 90s music for it.

  • Is that flour they are laying on? If we had pets I suspect they would do the same thing (because they would be given ample opportunity).

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