Woe! We lost the rugby: badly, ignominiously, and quite frankly, we choked. Sigh. Another four years. I watched the Wallabies/England game with my English friend in an English pub and had the greatest time – then I was punished for my schadenfreude within a very short time. Woe.

And now I have discovered that the reason my email is playing up is that Thunderbird (which I use for email) has been affected by a McAfee update. But that shouldn’t concern me, right? I don’t even own McAfee! Ah, but I USED to run it on this laptop (actually I had no choice, it came free for 30 days already pre-installed) and it turns out there are still bits of it running, even though I have uninstalled it. Woe! HATE. HATE. HATE. I have fixed it now, but not before it ate my entire folder with emails to/from this blog. At one point I had the headers but no content; now after a bit more tinkering, I have nothing at all. G-O-R-N. It’s gorn, all right. Bugger. Nothing important on there, as such; but still, nothing that I wanted to lose. Curses! If you emailed me and I didn’t reply, now you know why. (Asides from the fact I am lazy, of course. You knew that.) Woe.

Anyway, enough woe. I have unpacked some more boxes and we can see the TV. Mr. T got the ironing board out and ironed his own shirts, then ironed some of my clothes. Liking the Mr. T v2.0 I have to say (although the original problem had nothing to do with ironing, of course. However! He is ironing! Slowly and poorly, but it’s not me!) Of course, this means he has to watch a DVD while he’s doing it, so we have Batman Begins booming at top volume. All those bats are awful and flappy in surround-sound, so you know. Woe. (Not really woe, it just rhymed nicely.)

I have no photos, again. This was taken by Mr. T on a shocking phone camera, then modified and emailed to me.

That’s MY laptop, I’ll have you know.

6 comments to woe!

  • I suspect my Omar and Olive would be guilty of the very same computer crimes when I am away from the screen.

  • I think on the whole that surround sound is such a male thing. All I care is that I hear the dialogue, I don’t need flappy bats from behind.

    Very impressed with the ironing. We prefer the sad and wrinkled look at my house.

  • Mal

    “Ironing”? I’m not familiar with that concept… [Google-searches] Nope… still sounds weird to me! [giggles]. I’ve learnt to buy and hang the washing so that wrinlking is reduced to an absolute minimum [thumbs up].

    Glad u found the TV and the ironing board too… how are the furry ones settling into the new lifestyle?

    Mal :)

  • I think I’ll borrow that ‘Mcafee/Thunderbird Problem’ to explain my own shoddy email habits.

    Even though I use neither. Ahem.

  • Mal

    Woah… it hasn’t been a great sporting week for the Kiwis, has it? then there was Sundays League Test against the Aussies… [tries not to gloat… runs away laughing happily]

    Hope you’ve had a positive week.

    Mal :)

  • Great photo – sorry about the email, that can be a real pain.

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