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I am tres slack. Bernice tagged me for five things and have I done it? I have not. I have had a massive week at work and lo, it was crap and sucked the will to live from me, verily. So here we go:

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I don’t get enough sleep. I get extremely tired around 3pm (work nap? oh I wish), then again at 7-8pm, then come right with boundless energy at about 9.30pm. I know I am tired right now, but it’s 12.45am and I don’t feel tired at all. I WILL feel this in the morning. I am a night person stuck in a day world. The sun! It BURRRRNS!

This dog sleeps 22 hours a day and yet is always up for a nap.

I would have said I am not a skirt person, but this whole NaBloShoeThing has made me rethink this: it seems that in reality, I wear skirts to work all the time. I think it’s because it looks dressed up with no effort. I actually feel the same way about heels: as long as they’re comfortable, you look like you’ve put some thought into what you’re wearing. Whereas my average thought process takes around 20 seconds: is this clean? Well, then, where are some clean things? Does this clean thing need ironing? Can I find a clean thing which doesn’t need ironing? Then this is the thing I’m wearing.

Metallicus skirts never need ironing. Bless them.

The number of animals in this household has gone up to eight. Well, it was eight on Sunday when Mr. T bought home five goldfish & some oxygen weed to live in the rainwater overflow barrels. (They were to eat the mosquito larvae which had started to breed in the water.) As of today, Friday, we can only find one. Here fishy fishy fishy?


I dream about work a lot. There’s nothing more exhausting than waking up in the morning and realising you’ve done your job all night. That sucks.

I don’t have a photo for this one.

For someone who hates people looking at me, I do a lot of stupid things. Last week two co-workers were in one of our glassed-walled meeting rooms, on a phone conference. To make them laugh and get them to disrupt the phone hookup, I did a wild, flailing dance from my side of the glass wall. I forgot that my side also contained the entire rest of the office, who were all looking at me with great interest when I turned around. Ah well. Fuck ’em.

Set my dog on them, I will!

I’m not tagging anyone as it’s too late and all normal people are abed. Lucky, lucky sods.

3 comments to facts of randomness

  • Your mosquito larvae are obviously more of a problem than you first knew, if they are eating goldfish already.

    Those purple shoes are gorgeous, I would consider tottering around in heels for them.

  • Bernice

    Arhh the fine art of the faux pas – well in your case the visual faux. I spent part of Sunday night at a dinner party hiding behind the dishwasher as a result having decided to say something “witty”. A flailing dance seems like a much better idea.

  • I would have said I was a pants person. A non-skirt person. But I’ve inherited a bunch of skirts from my shrinking cousin, and I’ve been wearing the hell out of them, and loving it. I think it goes like this: if I can’t wear jeans, skirts are better than work pants. Plus, there’s the whole ‘built in’ effort thing, as you said..

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