Hey, so OK, apparently there’s this thing where instead of posting once per day, you take a photo of your shoes once per day. Now THAT is something I can totally get behind. If I had known this at the start of November, you might have heard a bit more from me. What? It’s not like I had anything important to say. And if this shoe thing keeps up, you might want me to disappear back to whence I came.

Here are my shoes from today, after I got home from work.

For some reason, at the moment the cat finds everything I do FASCINATING. He follows me around and watches me. He’s a nice cat. Except yesterday I emailed Mr. T and asked if I could get an orange cat and call it Colonel Mustard. He said no. Which is why I asked him, because another animal is not something we need. But still! Colonel Mustard! I would call him “the Colonel”. Genius.

6 comments to feets!

  • Mal

    The big fluffy growth coming out the end of your left foot may be of some possible concern…! heh heh
    Nice shoes!
    Mine come off the second I walk in the door here at home :) (The shoes, not the big fluffy growth) [giggles happily]

    Mal :)

  • Let me be totally a girl…Oooo, I like your shoes! Okay, I am done. As for the other matter, I suggest calling Mr. T “the Colonel” until the orange cat magically appears.

  • Now there is nothing weird about not wanting to mix the sweet with the savoury. those weird cheeses with dried fruit in them, as opposed to served beside them is a case in point. And sweet and sour dishes are fine when done properly, which rarely involve the use of pineapple. Evah. AWRIGHT.

    Now… get cracking with the shoe posts.

    The only reason any animal finds you infinitely fascinating is because you are the bearer of food. The end.

  • Laylabean

    I’m so glad you’re posting shoes – I love your shoes! Unlike mine which are usually white gym shoes or blue slippers that reveal me to have very questionable taste.

  • sarah

    in honour of your greatness, i present this gift.

    perhaps this is the colonel you forseed

  • I think since you have such a great name for an orange cat you absolutely MUST get one.

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