happy feet

So I took a photo yesterday, but forgot to post it, as – in an interesting twist – I went to the doctor to ask about a shooting pain in my foot. I know! It’s like a theme! Turns out I have an aggravated nerve, or something. I sort of lost focus when he measured my feet and pointed out that the left one was bigger than the right. I then told him about my winter quest to Make Those Shoes Fit, a.k.a. the Nine West Heels of Pain. He agreed trying to stretch shoes with only the power of my mind is bound to be painful on the feet, particularly if one of the feet is a Giant Mutant 5mm wider than the other. So I’m pretty sure that’s what’s done it, and since it’s coming into summer and it will be all about the open shoe, he thinks the nerve will come right. Which is good. Because nobody likes an aggravated nerve. God only knows what could happen.

Anyway, here are my shoes from Thursday. Yes they are the gold versions of the black ones. They’re new and they don’t aggravate my nerve (that sounds sort of dirty) so I wear them a lot. Go to Flickr if you want the extensively annotated botanical listing.

And this was today. Actually, it wasn’t really as I wore the black ones AGAIN. However this is after I got home and was going out again to pick up dinner. It was 30 degrees today so Havaianas are perfectly acceptable, I think. And they don’t get on my Nerve.

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