little dog

On 28 December we had to have our Black Dog put to sleep. He was almost 10.

He had bloat – where the stomach twists over, common in big dogs and dogs who bolt their food. The Black Dog was both of these things.

He was also the happiest, most touchy-feely, most irritating, most loving dog there was.

Goodbye scouterdog. You did good.

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  • My most heartfelt and sorrowful condolences to you all. It must have been dreadful and he must leave such a gaping hole behind. My thoughts are with you.

  • So sad. He had beautiful mismatched eyes.

  • Mal

    I’m so sorry at your loss. My most sincere condolences.

  • So sorry! I love that last picture – he looks full of personality. We had an annoyingly irritating & affectionate Dalmatian when I was growing up. I was devastated when we had to let her go. They really know how to weasel their way into our hearts don’t they?

  • Jane

    We just lost our brown dog to the same thing. So sorry.

  • I had that happen to my Akita but the vet kept her from dying. Cost me a fortune but I am glad he was able to save her.

    It is very sad that your dog passed on.

    Hope it isn’t too morbid or anything but I know a good way to keep it from happening to any future dogs you might have who bolt their food. Get a flat dog dish with high edges for them and put a rough brick in the middle of it and when you feed them pour the food around the brick. It forces them to pick around the brick carefully with their tongue and they can’t bolt their food. This is what I had to do for all the rest of the years my Akita was around to keep it from happening to her again.

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