pa rumpum pum pum

I lost the internet for a while there. I was down to dialup. DIAL. UP. I actually fell asleep waiting for my email to download. It was a horrible, horrible time and I thought our internet company was going to charge $149 for the privilege of reinstating the ASDL… then, last night, my Skype button came up as Online and my eyes went wide with the wonder of the season and lo, it was suddenly a Very Merry Christmas For All.

Even though all my Christmas shopping is done and dusted (you hate me don’t you), we went out for breakfast today then stopped into JB HiFi to have a look around. Don’t question me. Anyway, it was a bit crowded and I got bored, so as we walked out we noticed the queue for the register was snaking back towards the doors, and the more we walked towards the door THE LONGER THE QUEUE BECAME. It was like a cartoon where the background loops round and round; we kept walking past racks of DVDs and CDs and a never-ending single file of people, all standing still clutching Harry Potter or a Wii or some other electronic paraphernalia. Twas scary, scary I tell you, and when we got outside it was pissing rain, so we made a pact to stay in the house for the next 48 hours. Now the internet is back, I don’t think I’ll have any problems with this. There is actually a wet cat trying to climb onto my lap as we speak, I DON’T THINK SO.

Anyway, in case I don’t get around to posting before Festivus, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and manages to eat the weight of a small child in scorched almonds. I know that’s my new year’s resolution, right there.

Photo taken two years ago – tree is still alive, just a little bushier.

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