let the battle begin

When we watch Iron Chef, we always guess what the battle is going to be. (If you don’t watch the strange Japanese wonder that is Iron Chef, there are two chefs competing to serve a menu based on a theme ingredient, and the ingredient is called the Battle. If you search youtube you can see clips for Sushi Battle, Liver Battle, Bell Pepper Battle, Rabbit Battle and Natto Battle, and no doubt many more because these people are insane.)

Anyway, tonight I guessed Parsley Battle and Mr. T guessed Lobster Battle. However, we were both wrong as it was Chicken Battle (how unimaginatively unlike the Iron Chef). Anyway, it reminded me of another Iron Chef a few months ago, which started when I was out of the room, and Mr. T hollered out, “There’s a warning saying this episode is graphic and may upset some viewers!”

I yelled back, “PUPPY BATTLE!”

a new year

Thanks for your comments; everyone is doing OK. The Brown Dog is sleeping a lot more, but I don’t know whether that’s because the Black Dog used to keep him awake (hardly likely) or because the weather has been scorchingly hot. The cat has also been sleeping more, but that is because Mr. T bought a tray of mangoes and put the box in the lounge. So if you need some sleeping in a box done, I can get someone right on it. Very reasonable rates. Can supply his own box.

Also, can I recommend Aldi for all your gingerbread train-kit-in-a-box needs? Or, as the Germans would say, your zug needs. (I can’t remember the german word for gingerbread; it was long and had the funny beta-double-s-letter-thing). This is now almost all eaten; sad, considering how long it took me to laboriously ice together in the scorching heat of a 41 degree New Years Eve.

Also, I am back at work. Woe. There is an extreme lack of zug at my workplace. I should get on that.