let the battle begin

When we watch Iron Chef, we always guess what the battle is going to be. (If you don’t watch the strange Japanese wonder that is Iron Chef, there are two chefs competing to serve a menu based on a theme ingredient, and the ingredient is called the Battle. If you search youtube you can see clips for Sushi Battle, Liver Battle, Bell Pepper Battle, Rabbit Battle and Natto Battle, and no doubt many more because these people are insane.)

Anyway, tonight I guessed Parsley Battle and Mr. T guessed Lobster Battle. However, we were both wrong as it was Chicken Battle (how unimaginatively unlike the Iron Chef). Anyway, it reminded me of another Iron Chef a few months ago, which started when I was out of the room, and Mr. T hollered out, “There’s a warning saying this episode is graphic and may upset some viewers!”

I yelled back, “PUPPY BATTLE!”

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  • Do they even cook with parsley in japan?

    Do you notice I didn’t ask that about puppies.

    Were you right? Was it puppies?

  • sarah

    my dad is obsessed with Iron Chef. Last night i was watching the tennis, cannot get enough of the tennis. tennis reigned supreme over iron chef.

    I admit i bailed out at 2am on the hewitt match, and tonight we have Casey playing, hopefully she can pull through.

    I love the bizarre commentary they have, more so than the weird-ass meals they make

  • Well lay down your dangerous weapons today dearie, I tagged you.
    BEst wishes

  • I <3 Iron chef.. at least the episodes I saw!
    One of them has an Asparagus battle!

  • Parsley Battle sounds cool – I would like to see a Parsley Battle. And eww to Puppy Battle – what was it that required the special warning?

  • Mal

    Iron Chef is always good for a laugh! the pseudo-intelligent dubbed commentary always has me in stitches.

    One I saw ages ago really turned my stomach… they were using Angler Fish! That was… not a pleasant episode to watch!

    Then there was the one when they were using Quails, and one of them deep-fried the heads… that was a gag-reflex kinda moment as well! hahahaa

    Mal :)

  • Laylabean

    I love Iron Chef! I guessed the ingredient would be crab once and was a rock star for the rest of the night.

    I miss the Japanese version, I don’t see it much now that we’ve got our own U.S. version ala Bobby Flay. The Japanese version is still the best, though I don’t like it when they actually have to kill the secret ingredient right there in the kitchen. *shudder*

    “If memory serves me right…” (drink)

  • I’m quite the fan of Iron Chef, too. I haven’t caught an episode for the longest time and I am hankering to watch Turnip Battle or something similar.
    cheers, g xo

  • Mal

    Welcome back to the land of the internet! yay! [giggles happily]
    Mal :)

  • Mal

    Sincerely, THANK you very very much for your totally outrageous Flickr gift. Thank you SOOOO much! [bows, grovels, scrapes, boot-licks…]. I’m totally blown away. Thank you!

    Mal :)

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