Yeah. So I posted my beach picture, stood up from the couch and went to have a shower… only to have Mr. T start yelling for me to come back and see this. Then he said, “Oh no wait… maybe you don’t want to see this.”

He was right. I really don’t want to see this.

Oh, you can’t tell how big that is? (Or you’re focusing desperately on my my pink glass lightshade in the dining room through there?) That is one BIG MOTHERFUCKING HUNTSMAN. Oh, you’d like a closeup? How nice of you to ask…

I actually couldn’t resize these to my normal size as I couldn’t bear to. Yeah, so guess who else likes the beach? Fucking giant spiders. Glorious. My personal favourite.

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  • Laylabean

    Okay, I just screamed so loud I woke the baby. Giant spiders are SO not my thing. Ulp!!

    I would have to train the cat to hunt them or I would never, ever sleep again.


    I need a the-shower.

    My favorite thing about my new apartment is that I’ve yet to spot a huge spider (unlike my last place, which was their favorite vacationing spot, apparently).

  • There is only one thing worse than finding a huntsman that size in your house, and that is finding a huntsman that size in your car while you are driving.

  • Oh pish, you people, hunstmen are lovely. They have double-jointed knees. They make a great heavy *plop!* noise when they drop on a string of silk to the floor. And when you pick them up, they scamper at top speed up your arm and hang out in your collar.

    I’m serious.

    But then again, I’m a trained entomologist.

  • Bernice

    Actually that’s not a spider, but a housing loan officer from the bank…

  • I remain adamant that if I ever get to Oz for a visit I’m bringing 3 cases of Raid and a giant fly-swatter!!

    I will also be wearing a bee-keepers suit 24/7.


  • Mal

    Spiders… erk! We get these tiny, harmless little things called “White-Tails” out this way… but their bite can do all sorts of nasstie stuff to your skin… saw one just the other day inside (they get disturbed when it rains a lot), so turned it white with spray to get rid of it. And it worked! lol

    Mal :)

  • Argh! Spiders are EVIL! And thats one BIG EVIL spider! I would be screaming my lungs out if I found a spider in my apartment… and I live alone… great plot for a horror film!

  • That’s one big spider!

  • Usually spiders don’t bother me – but then again I live in a cold friggin’ country where they probably don’t get THAT big. Freaky!

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