a day in the life

So that leap day thing? Never happened. I had to get up impossibly early and put my car in for a service, and before I even left the premises they had phoned me to tell me I had the “old engine” and the quote was going to be different. Take a guess: is the older engine going to be MORE or LESS expensive to service? Oh yeah. Double that quote. And also we’ll make you late for work. kthxbye.

Oh, and THEN my day was frenetic and hugely filled with work and I honestly didn’t leave my desk except to go to meetings, the printer, the photocopier or the toilet. None of which are suitable photographic subjects. And I did take photos but they were of work things, for work reasons, so I don’t think posting unlaunched products or clearly branded items is really the way to advance the old career. So in the end, I did this on March 1, which was a Saturday and much more conducive to photo taking. See the full thing on flickr below:

…if you want to, I mean.