Every time Mr. T gives me a snack, like a biscuit or an Easter egg or something, he bites it first. Just to annoy me. HE TAXES MY FOOD. He tries to pretend he is testing it, like for poisons, but YOU KNOW it’s not true.

In this new house, Mr. T taught the dog that when he comes in the back door, he cannot walk through the kitchen to get to his dog bed – he has to go around it, by walking through the lounge and back around into the dining room. (There’s no real reason for this, apart from Mr. T’s belief that dogs aren’t allowed in the kitchen.) Unfortunately we are now severely confusing him by INSISTING he go through the kitchen… as this keeps his dirty outside paws off the new carpet (my prreciousssss). The poor dog is trying to be good and dart past whoever is acting as point guard, to go his normal way through the house… then he gets yelled at. I’m not annoyed at the dog for this, more that we didn’t see this coming and let him walk through the kitchen from the start.

Actually, that’s all I think I’m annoyed about at the moment. Surely that’s some sort of record?

3 comments to annoying

  • Mal

    If that’s as bad as it gets – you’re sure doing well! heh heh. Glad you seem to be enjoying your new carpets – yay!

    Mal :)

  • bernice

    Can you send us all little offcuts of the new carpet then?

  • Silly Mr T. Don’t you know the whole POINT of having a dog is so they can patrol the kitchen floor for the morsels accidently dropped there so the droppers of said morsels never have to condescend to pick them up?? Oh, and they’re good for scouring baked-on food from cookware.

    Finally, if you still have daily access to brie, can we be friends? Like, real, cheese-sharing friends rather than casual blog-commenting acquaintences? Ppppleease?

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