oh hai

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been stuck in traffic. More specifically, behind THIS fucker:

I think the part that gets me the most is that this is the sort of person who drives inconsiderately – sitting miles below the speed limit in the right hand lane – then complains about the aggressiveness of other drivers. I mean, have you SEEN Australia drivers? They will take you out without a second look, then reverse blithely over your shattered hatchback. I sense doom approaching for this self-righteous letter writer (or is that a tautology?)

In other news, I am slowly building my photo reserves back up:

I took this photo to send to my nana, as when I was home at Easter she wanted my sister and I to take whatever we wanted out of her china cabinet. She has moved into a rest home and has no room for her things. So on my kitchen windowsill last week were both the hand-etched measuring beaker (in pints! no she can’t remember who made this or what it was used for!) and a little blue faceted glass jar. The dead looking vine out the window is the grapevine, which was really pretty in summer and autumn. A surprising amount of plants have survived our benign neglect over the few months we’ve owned this house… although I think lavender and grapevines are both pretty hard to kill? That’s what we’re banking on anyway. I would say ‘send rain’, but we have heaps. Thanks.

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  • Mal

    Stuck behind drivers like that, you’ve gotta wonder why front-of-the-car-attached melting lasers are illegal, huh! lol

    Oh, one place I lived in here had a HUGE ornamental grape vine… always looked pretty bleak this time of year. Come the warmer months, all was fine again.

    Mal :)

  • LOVE the blue jar! How nice of your grandma to pass things along to you while she can still watch you enjoy them.

  • I’ve never had any luck with lavender, none at all. It makes little difference if I tend to it with great care or neglect it… it just want grow for me.

    see you, g

  • Wow, both are really lovely. Also, how did that guy from Florida post in an Aussie paper???

  • Bernice

    Send him up to Sydney for a day. Bondi Junction Westfield carpark. He wont last ten minutes – crushed beneath the beautifully engineered wheels of a Series 5 BMW. You might do it with integrity in Melbourne – Sydney does it with heartless style.

  • Benign neglect here too. Luckily the sprinkler system means that it’s a bit more merciful.
    Best wishes

  • h&b

    It’s actually against the law to drive slow in the fast lane. If someone’s up your arse, it’s your JOB to move into a slower lane and let them through.

    Well, I think that’s true anyway. It’s what I yell at Sunbury drivers when i’m stuck up their arse in the fast lane anyhoo :p

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