the return!

Yes I’m back! And I have 600 photos (probably more like 800 now I think about it) and I cannot be arsed finding any to post here. Poor, poor form. So nothing changes.

The holiday was brilliant and we had a fantastic time. Highlight = Yosemite National Park, hands down. I could have spent close to three weeks there alone. I ate lots and lots of sweet food, bought too few clothes and shoes and too many kitchen accoutrements, and we just about hit an elk. No bears, though. I’m quite disappointed about the bears. I promise I will dig up some photos at some stage, but it’s either write this now and throw it up there or wait for a magical post full of photos. I think we know which it’s going to be.

Also, on Saturday it was Grand Final Day but we scorned it and went to the RSPCA for kittens. Which sadly means that my cat has not come home since he disappeared during a massive storm in April. We are sad about that, because he was The Best Cat In The World. However if he comes home now, he will have to deal with two kittens in his house (one of whom is currently biting my ankle OW and the other is making eyes at the mouse cord). Much as I would have liked to adopt an adult cat or two, it’s just not fair to make them deal with a gigantic dog who loooooves cats. So kittens it was. There were very few cats at the RSPCA, so onwards to the Lost Dogs Home in Malvern, which also has Lost Cats. There we found two 5-month old littermates, and now they are here.

Photos (probably waaay too many) to follow. However I will let you determine their colourings by their internet names: Colonel Mustard and Earl Grey. I think I have posted here before my love of the name Colonel Mustard; and Earl Grey is funny. Take my word for it.

Oh wait, I do have a couple of photos on this computer. This should tide you over. I’d like to be here right now.