Oooh, Kate tagged me for a meme and I haven’t done it. Bad. OK.

six things you didn’t know about me

(the six ties in quite nicely with the blog, don’t you think? Very thoughtful of these meme people.)

1. I pace around when I think. I always have done, according to my parents, who used to find me doing laps of the coffee table while daydreaming. I transferred this to the trampoline when we got one, but I have been sans trampoline for lo these many years. Now I often find myself pacing up and down the hallway, sometimes breaking into a skip-step if I’m thinking of something really interesting.

2. I don’t have underarm hair. Well, I have like four or five hairs under each arm. Weird, I know. Useful, however, as it means I don’t get that big stubbly patch (or indeed, have to shave at all). I think it’s my super-power.

3. I hate the phone. Hate it. When I came back from the USA I forgot about my mobile phone and went three days without it. Completely forgot that such a thing existed. Only the fact that I was sent a work-related text cued me in to the absence. In a related point, I am the world’s slowest texter and much prefer Bluetoothing my phone to the laptop so I can type a full sentence, with correct pronunciation and capitalization, on an actual keyboard. I know this is lame and that nobody cares but me… but I still can’t do it.

4. I have a blank diary that I’m using as a five-year diary, because I think these five years will be full of change and it will be fun to look back and see what I was doing two, three, years ago. Except I can’t make myself change. What? It’s so comfortable here!

5. I hate handguns. Shotguns, hunting guns – fine. Just handguns freak me out. They seem so menacing and singular of purpose: to hurt people.

6. I will often buy books and DVDs and not read them/watch them, because I’m happy just owning them. Actually, scratch the books. I read all my books. But I must have a dozen movies I’ve never watched. Note to self: watch The Big Lebowski. You are the only person in the world who hasn’t seen it.

7 comments to taggart

  • I haven’t seen it either. If that helps. Also, I feel very freaked out in the presence of handguns, and am deeply unhappy that our police now carry them. I mean, I can see that directing traffic when the lights are broken could be annoying and possibly slightly dangerous, but I’m not sure they need to bear arms to do it.

  • Also, just noticed the post title and to that I say “murrrr-dah”

  • Watch it. Then we can quote it together in a manner annoying to passers by.

    “Well that’s, like… your opinion…”

    See? Totally annoying, right? but so, so fun.

  • The big who?

    Interesting 6 facts!

  • I’m envious of #2 and sooo with you on #3 :-)

  • Mal

    That’s a great list! This Tag is going around at the moment, for sure. I got done about three weeks ago :) heh heh.

    I know what you mean by guns… I was born-and-bred in the big bad city, and guns were an anathema. HOWEVER, now I live in the country surrounded by farmers, a gun is essential for putting down injured stock or killing snakes, things like that. it’s just another tool like a plow or something for a farmer. i never had that appreciation before i moved out here. But I still don’t like ’em personally.

    Mal :)

  • You know, it’s an exceedingly dull film. You are missing nothing. I fell asleep both times I tried to watch it.

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