tea break time

[I wrote this at work, hence the tea break.]

It is a sad fact that I cannot type my own name correctly. It is also a sad fact that I am currently driving Mr Toad in a little car aimlessly around my keyboard whilst drinking tea, but that’s not why I can’t type. What happens is, my right typing hand is faster than both my brain and my left typing hand, and when I type my name I tumble over the letters. As proof, if I type my name 10 times: jacquleine jacquleine jacquleine Jacqueline jacquleine jacquleine Jacqueline jacqlueine Jacqueline jacquliene. That is remarkably consistent, and the autoword thing has capitalised the spellings I got right, which is 3 out of 10. Poor. Anyway, I have set up an auto-text shortcut in my work email which automatically types my signoff sentence. If I type rrr it changes to “Regards Jacqueline” and ttt becomes “Thanks Jacqueline”. Every time I do this I get a warm inner glow at outsmarting myself. Ah, the pain which comes with having a first name with 10 letters, one of which is a Q. I imagine people with names like Marguerite (my mother’s bridesmaid’s name, which in hindsight I was lucky to avoid) or Augustine would understand… your fingers are all over the keyboard as if trying to play whack-a-mole.

See, this is why I don’t tend to do this at work. Strange things come out of my head. Drive on, nothing to see here.

5 comments to tea break time

  • I can’t type “because”. It’s always becasue. But I can see that not being able to type your own name would be more annoying than that.

  • Your auto text sign off is a very clever way around this problem. I have problems typing when I get excited and try to type faster than a snails pace.

  • I can’t type ‘Adelaide’ without breaking a sweat. It’s all those vowels..

  • Mal

    I could never type “resurrection” when i was at Bible College years ago… you have *no* idea how many times I tried to type that and got it wrong! heh heh.

    I’m the fastest 6-fingers-typist this side of the street, I’m sure of it! :D

    I have a small toy Panda atop my desktop monitor… most people have little whatsits on their puters!!!

    Mal :)

  • There are only five letters in my name and I can’t type it properly either. It comes out ‘Luara’. Not that it matters much because at least a third of my emails are addressed to ‘Dear Carol’.

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