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New Zealand has Google Maps Street View now, so naturally I looked up everyone’s houses. When I searched for my parent’s house, what should I see but MY DAD walking down the drive. He’s an internet celebrity! Which makes ME an internet celebrity! Unfortunately for his fame, he’s facing away from the street, heading down to the back of the house; and he’s in scruffy outdoor clothes, no doubt reinstalling the guttering or some other neverending job. When I told them about it, dad was just annoyed that he hadn’t turned around to see the Google car with all the cameras on it.

There has been An Incident on the new carpet. I don’t wish to discuss it, and if you’re eating you should be glad of this. Suffice it to say I got home from work and a grim-faced Mr. T had arrived just before me and was filling the mop bucket with hot soapy water. When I questioned this, he wailed, “But I don’t know what else to do!” Since nobody was having a baby, clearly hot water was not the answer. The answer was: cardboard to scrape the carpet, lots and lots of baking soda, and renting one of those carpet cleaner machines. Oh yes. It was that bad. I have no idea what the dog had eaten, but the true indignity was the CAT PAWPRINTS leading through it, thereby dotting the surrounding carpet with tiny stamps of filth. Oh, you didn’t want details? Really? Because they are seared on my memory in full technicolour glory. However, no real harm done: the carpet is back to very close to normal, and the dog’s intestinal fortitude seems quite returned. He is seven and he has never done anything like this before in his life. Of course, if he wants to live to see eight, he will never do it again. And the cats have no excuse (and who am I kidding, it would only have been one cat, I AM LOOKING AT YOU, NOSY GREY WEASEL).

I have started Christmas shopping, and I am very proud. I am glossing over the part where I bought lots of stuff for myself, including shoes which don’t kill my increasingly temperamental feet. Maybe it’s just that I’m not prepared to wear uncomfortable shoes any more, but I have become very fussy about footwear. Oh look I’ve found them on the internets. The heel is too high for my complete endorsement, but the wedge balances that out. …wait, didn’t this start off by talking about Christmas and the joy of giving? To others? Um. Ho ho ho! Anyway, getting back to the shopping: I have my dad ticked off (always difficult), most of my mum (excluding the hand-made stuff), most of my sister (ditto hand-made) and I know what I will get most other people. This leaves Mr T’s family, and he shits me to tears with stuff like this… he will walk around and whine about how he hates the crowds and shopping at this time of year, but then refuses to make a decision and ends up NOT BUYING ANYTHING. Which only means we will have to go back out AGAIN. Or, I don’t know, send his family a plant or something. They can have our dog, now that I think about it. Just don’t tell them about last week… but seeing as how the Black Dog chewed through their laundry door as a puppy, I’m sure they’re not expecting too much from any of our other immaculately behaved animals.

Did you get to see the smiley moon? I think the northern hemisphere got a frowny moon, but ours smiled at us. It’s a crescent moon with Venus and Jupiter visible as the eyes. Photo courtesy of my tiny point-and-shoot, tinged with fear of death as I stood on the water tank stand and rested the camera on the shed roof. You’re welcome.

4 comments to let’s do this thing

  • Mal

    That darn cat! If the dog’s accident wasn’t bad ENOUGH!

    There’s a great big smiley in the night sky! Gagh!!! heh heh.

    There’s a Xmas this year? Oh? I must have missed the memo… ;)

    Mal :)

  • Bernice

    For persons who will not willingly participate in the “what do you really want for Xmas” OR trudge out like the rest of us to waste vast sums of money, there is only one answer. A year’s subscription to Franklin Mint. A verbal warning usually works wonders.

  • That smiley face made me so happy. Irrational, but true, when the moon smiles at you like that you feel good. We got quite good shots of it on the pointnshoot too. I started my Christmas shopping last year with a shoe purchase for myself, I don’t even know how I got into the shoe shop in the first place.

    Maybe Mister T should shop on the internet? Peters of Kensington could be his new best friend.

  • God but those shoes are cute!!

    Of course, they don’t come in *my* bloody size–yet another shoemaker for me to boycott :P

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