This web stuff is tiring. The last time I really poked around with the back-end of the internet (NASTY) was about 2003, and it turns out a LOT has changed since then. Who knew? Anyway, the blog has moved to WordPress (oh god let the blog have moved to WordPress) and hopefully you can see it and continue to ruminate on my words of wisdom. Or, you know, just ruminate. I’m not too concerned either way.

The one thing I’m really concerned about is the site feed. I THINK I have migrated it to the new blog (I guess I’ll find out when I publish this) but if I haven’t, the new feed is http://www.siximpossiblethings.net/feed. Although how will you know, because you won’t see this? Halp! Stuck in endless feedback loop! I don’t think I’m cut out for this anymore. Here, have a cat picture.

Doing new stuff makes our brains hurt too. Our tiny, tiny brains.

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