Yesterday Mr. T pissed me off, so I went to bed annoyed with him. He left the house at 6.30am this morning and woke me up by mistake, which made me angry again (and he’d left early to volunteer for bushfire cleanup at Kinglake, which makes me HORRIBLE as well as ANGRY). Anyway, I went back to sleep and had this very real dream in which I found a note telling me he’d left me to go back to New Zealand to follow his dream of becoming a professional surfer. I was INFURIATED. Where the hell did this surfing thing come from when he hasn’t been on a surfboard in 15 years? How could he leave me to deal with the dog and the cats and the MORTGAGE while he pisses off and does what he wants? Eventually I woke up at some point and realised it was a dream, but it didn’t matter because I was SO ANNOYED at his STUPIDITY. In my DREAM. I even knew that in several hours this would be funny, but NOT RIGHT NOW OMG I AM SO ANGRY.

And now it is several hours later and yes, it is funny. Now. Just. I still plan to yell at him about it though. And also ask some serious questions about the mysterious $24,000 mentioned in the note (which he was planning to live off, you know, while surfing). This number seems strangely specific, so WHERE IS THIS DREAM MONEY I MUST KNOW.

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  • Seems totally reasonable to me. Stand your ground and insist on the truth about this $24 thou.

  • Mal

    The joys of dreams!
    Once when I was at school, I have a very vividly-realistic dream that a guy in my music class had passed away! Until I physically saw him and shook his hand on the school bus the next morning, i was not at all convinced he was still alive! lol

  • I don’t blame you for being angry with him; so selfish to ditch you for some slacker surfie-boy existence and not share the 24G. I had a version of that dream, the details of which have escaped me, and I had to have a shout at Fixit afterwards too: don’t you EVER DO THAT!!!

    Um, but Good On Mr T for the Kinglake volunteer thing, I am very impressed with that.

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