it thinks it’s people!

Whee, we just had an earthquake. What, the bushfires weren’t enough? Richter scale 4.3 : enough to make our whole house shake and the cat bowls clink together, but not enough to make us RUN RUN DIVE for cover. In fact I don’t even think the cat on Mr. T’s lap woke up. I say again, it is a FALLACY that animals can sense earthquakes. My animals, anyway. Maybe I just get non-psychic ones. Typical.

Eggs for the dog (I had just bought a dozen fresh ones so these had to go).
One is free-range, the others are not. But they’re all happy!

2 comments to it thinks it’s people!

  • Mal

    Eggs? I thought they were peaches! rofl rofl.

    I remember feeling the ground move as a result of the 1985 Newcastle earthquake, when i was living in North Sydney! The house was on the side of a hill on stilts, and I felt it ‘sway’ slightly… putting on the ABC radio, sure enough, within 30 seconds there was a report of an earthquake in Newcastle…! Blimey!

  • Bernice

    How does the dog use the fork? Can we haz photos?

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