Well, I quite like my new digs. It’s cozy, I like my new dashboard where I can see if people have linked to me (I had to go into stats to see that in Blogger! Do you know how often I look at my stats? Pretty much never) and I like that comments turn up there too. I like the plugins and although I am sorry to lose my fish-footman pic, I will find a way to put him back in. Having said that, I never had a problem with Blogger; it’s just the comments thing. I don’t care about your damn machine embroidery! And I am extrememly unlikely to consider buying a commercial machine, good sir! I delete you! (I am hearing this in a John Cleese type voice, I’m not sure about you.) Speaking of, I have the Monty Python page-a-day desk calendar thing at work, and it is highly amusing to revisit Monty Python. I have to say, it has gone missing several times as co-workers have taken off with it to read. Curse them! I shall send the Hell’s Grannies after them!

Other than that, things here are fine. We took the Brown Dog for a walk around the local lake on Sunday, since it was a bit cooler and he was unlikely to overheat and, you know, die on us. He’s quite a big dog and neither of us want to lug his heavy corpse back to the car, so we tend not to take him out on blisteringly hot days. So, as we were wandering round the lake, we saw another big dog on the path coming in the opposite direction towards us; part of a family on bikes. Mr. T and the Brown Dog were half off the path anyway, deeply interested in some trees (although I doubt it was Mr. T so much) so they just kept going into the brush. As the family barrelled along, ringing their bells madly (that safety message has got through loud and clear, I tell you) the father called out “Thanks so much!” He was riding his bike with one hand and hanging on to a Great Dane puppy with the other, and she was very lovely – jet black and pricked ears and gangly legs – and she was VERY interested in where the Brown Dog had gone. Ah, the joy of puppies. I don’t know how she went with the waterbirds on the other side of the lake, but if she’s anything like the Brown Dog, that guy would have come very close to a swim.

Oh hai birdies!

I can has birdies?

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