reading is a hoot

Oh hai! How was your weekend? Mine was good. I discovered this place where they will let you take books out and you can read them. For free. Yes, I am quite disturbed to say I have never joined my local library the entire time I’ve been in Australia. I know, poor form. So I wandered down to join my suburban book depository, and there I found the Tiniest Library Ever. Seriously, it was like someone’s back room with some books in it. And way more DVDs and magazines than books, even. Oh, and children’s books, but I’ve no problems with that. Why so few books? And, once I started browsing, why ALL THE SAME books over and over again? How many copies of Diana Gabaldon do you need? (and I hasten to add, I love a red-heided Scotsman as much as the next girl, but a whole shelf? Really? When there’s only like 200 shelves in total?) Although I have to say that when I last went to the library, they didn’t email you to tell you when your books were due. I heartily endorse this use of technology, especially the part which tells you the names of the books you’ve taken out. For those of us who might, um, forget.

Speaking of books, I got my hair cut on Friday and I remembered to take a book so that I didn’t have to read painfully stylish fashion magazines (say what you will, there’s not a lot of actual reading to be had out of Vogue). I took “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, which I just bought in its reincarnation as an orange Penguin, for just this sort of occasion. However, apparently bringing a BOOK, with WORDS, was the most fascinating thing to have happened in that place for weeks. Other customers were staring at me with outright fascination. Every stylist that touched my head just HAD to ask me about it. Sadly, very few knew the book; a select few knew the movie, but most just looked interested. Or pretended to, at any rate. Then again, the average age of the stylists would have been 22, and I don’t know how much “history” these young people learn. Whereas I, 10 miles, in the snow, both ways, don’t know the meaning of hard work, etc. I don’t know if I’ve written this here, but a previous time I went here for a cut I asked for about 2 inches off the bottom. The young stylist looked at me wraptly, like I was speaking a foreign language. “Well, how much do you think I should cut off?” I asked worriedly. She brightened, and said, “Um, about five centimetres?” Bless.

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  • Mal

    The joys of showing your age, huh? [sigh]! lol

    Gotta love books and libraries. That’s a great book too!!!

  • My hairdresser has trashy mags rather than boring high-end fashmags. You know, the sort that tell you what Posh & Becks are squabbling over this week. Fab. Excellent for hairdresser discussions; (otherwise it’s all are you going out tonight? Um no I have children and no life) you can sit there and discuss how terrible Nicole Kidman looks with her hair pulled back like that.

  • They made us read ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ in high school, but I actually enjoyed most of the required reading. Except the Grapes of Wrath. I don’t remember it very well, but I remember hating it!

  • Inches?? PAH! Go metric, you imperialist, you anachronist, you fusty old thing, you!

    Maybe the stylist is a scientist.

  • I can’t say i have read that one? Do you recommend it?

    I’m not sure if id be brave enough to bring a book to the hairdresser. I’m much too paranoid that i’d get so caught up in the book that I’d look up and find half my hair gone or something. And besides i like reading the trashy magazines because i don’t buy them personally, waste of money if you ask me, but i like to read almost everything that is happening in the world, even if half of it is bullshit.

  • I haven’t been a member of a library for years. I joined Bradford’s when I first moved there, but don’t think I withdrew more than half a dozen books before I stopped going.

    When I was at school I was in four libraries, used my full allowance each visit and almost always finished everything before it was due back. Ah, the days before the internet and free porn…

  • I know what you mean about losing a relationship with the library, although probably for different reasons. I also hate those magazines as I never know who anybody is in the pictures. They always make me feel like a bit of a voyeur as well as completely out of touch. My rule, keep spare book in the car as well as an emergency book in my bag! Any hairdresser that talks in centimetres is my kind of a snipper.

  • That red-haired scotsman is the sexiest man I’ve ever come accross in print! Diana Gabaldon deserves iconic status just for dreaming up ‘Jamie’. Is it possible to fall deeply in love with a fictional character?

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