Well I just got back from my Easter break, which was in Gippsland. You pronounce that with the g like ‘gills’, not with the g like ‘gypsy’. I don’t know whether that’s a long G or a short G, but I do know I called it Gyppsland when I first got to Melbourne and was mocked mercilessly. I mean, it’s not like I’m not mocked mercilessly still, but it’s less for pronunciation these days and more for plain old stupidity.

Anyway, there was horrendous rain and thunder when I was driving in: there was lightning all around me and it was suddenly very dark and it was like I was driving into a horror movie. Mr. T had a martial arts camp all Easter so it was only me going away – SUCK IT, I said joyfully as I accelerated away. Or so I thought until I realised there was nobody but me to drive towards the Eye of Mordor. Bugger. Once I got there it rained for a solid three hours and then the weather was beautiful for the rest of the entire long weekend. Ah yes, where was I? SUCK IT, that’s right. We spent a lot of time down by the lake…

… just sitting around doing nothing. This is my ideal holiday, except I FORGOT MY BOOK and had to talk to people instead. The hell. However there was much Easter chocolate which went a long way to restore my spirits. I bit the head of multiple Lindt bunnies and JE NE REGRETTE REIN. I keep their little red bells like trophies. Nom nom nom trophies.

It was also my birthday on Friday – Good Friday, naturally – and I got lots of good presents and also engaged. Also by this photo, freakishly tall:

No, not really that tall, but yes really engaged. It has been discussed for a while and so it begins. I can’t promise I won’t talk about wedding planning here but if I start to become obsessed with, I don’t know, table linens or boutonnieres or something, I want one of you stalkers to turn up at my house and slap me hard. Especially since I don’t know what a boutonniere is, really, but I have an uncomfortable feeling I’m about to find out. The plan at present is a really small wedding, in September, in New Zealand. Once I started drafting a guest list I realised Really Small might have to move up to Quite Small or perhaps Medium Small, but the rule still stand that we both must know every person there. And possibly dance the boutonniere, but I’ll get back to you on that once I learn all the steps.

And yes, Mr. T did propose and I did drive off for three days not two hours afterwards, telling him to SUCK IT as I went. Might as well start how we fully intend to go on, don’t you think?

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  • Are marriages in New Zealand valid in Oz ;)


  • Congratulations! I found planning a wedding kind of fun because it meant I got to do away with all sorts of wedding traditions and surprise people by having a fun wedding without a lot of crap. :)

  • Mal


  • Congratulations! That is so wonderful. Being married it s lovely thing.

    And, wedding planning? You’re in for it now. I’ll be more than happy to stalk / slap if it becomes necessary. I went through a phase of being horribly obsessed, and I wish someone had slapped me. It passed, though.

  • Eh? I love how you just kind of threw that in there all casual like. Congratulations, you!!

  • Congratulations! Do us avid readers get some free cake sent to us on your wedding day or what? ;)

  • Oh, not you too! There’s been a spate of this. Making living in sin look passe. Bah.

    Please send address to which slapping should be delivered. I’ll start hardening up my palm with saddlesoap.

    (But really, congrats.)

  • Happy Birthday to you (belatedly offered for Friday) and fuzzy congratulatory cheer too! Hurrah for you! Hurrah!

  • Bernice

    Set that bar high dearie. And keep it there. It allows for the occasional limbo moment of excessive grovelling.

  • I’m scared to even comment considering that my own experience might cast a pall on yours, but what the hay, I’ll throw caution to the wind and say CONGRATS!

  • sarah

    Happy birthday and Congratulations!!!!!!! I am very happy for your both :) My brother gets married on 1 August, both T and I are in the bridal party, if you want to vent/chinwag you know where to find me!

    RE Lindt bunny bells. i kept mine also :)

  • Cas

    Yay for you!

    I suppose the NZ factor nixes the idea of a four legged page boy… aah, love a dog in a tuxedo ;)


  • Congratulations! Yay for being engaged!

    Happy belated birthday! I love the Edith Piaf reference.

  • Hmm. You said nothing much about the proposal, and made it sound like a business deal. I was hoping for BENDED KNEES!!! Or something. I have never been proposed to so I am relying on others to provide me with romance, dammit. But am very happy for you of course. Especially if he is someone who can occasionally find stuff, as if you take this engagement thing to the pregnancy storyline you will probably temporarily lose your finding skills.

    I’m sorry about my comment, it’s late I’ve been watching Alan Partridge dvds.

    Really. Congratulations! Yay for engagements.

  • Happy belated birthday, and congratulations on your engagement!
    (Yes, I’m quite late. Still trying to recover from a week-long vacation!)

    I cannot hear the word ’boutonniere’ without remembering a conversation back from when my husband and a friend of ours were both groomsmen at another friend’s wedding. This was over 10 years ago so the exact dialog may not be quite right … but the sentiment is there …

    Friend: “So what’s the deal with boutonnieres? Is that a pirate thing?”

    Hubby: “No, dude. You’re thinking buccaneer. A boutonniere is a flower.”

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