My god, it has been one of THOSE weeks and it is only Tuesday. Isn’t it? I think it’s still Tuesday. It’s like the space-time continuum has stretched endlessly. One point this morning at work I thought, “It’s only 10.30am on Tuesday? How can this BE?” It felt like one million years had passed and that I could feel every one of those years. Oh and I forgot – also last night this laptop went to do its online backup, froze, and gave me the Blue Screen of Death. OH YES I LOVE THIS. But unbeknownst to me, Mr. T has somehow fixed that this afternoon. I am down some sort of Emotional Roller Coaster-slash-Rabbit Hole. You know how some people create drama in their personal lives for the fun of it? OH MY GOD THAT WOULD KILL ME DEAD. I’m not designed for tension. I am designed, I think, to be some sort of genteel English upper-class person, on a lounger with a G&T on a lush green lawn out the back of a country house. I wonder why this life, which I am clearly so suited for, has not materialised around me yet? Hmmm.

Hey, do you have a giant glass canister of snack-sized Kit Kats on your kitchen counter? No, me neither, anymore. They did not last NEARLY as long as you might think.

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  • Mal

    I think I know where all those Kit Kats went to… [looks at his stomach…] damn sleep-walking! hahahaaa.

    I know what you mean… for many and varied reasons, unexpected things like that stress me out and send me into a bit of a tail-spin as well. I don’t like being this way… I was never like this before? Damn and blast it.

    But the blue screen of death? That’s too awful to contemplate! heh heh.

  • Stiff upper lip, old chap!

  • What with Fixit’s chocoholism and my eldest showing every sign of following him down that path given the chance, we could never risk the jar of kitkats on the bench. I wish I had a fabulous butter dish though, your white cow is divine.

  • sarah

    I wish I had a house!

    I hear you on the stress, computer and raptor-like parking inspectors.

  • Those would last about 2 days around me. I’m really terrible about scarfing down whatever “bad” food is in the house. The Mister actually tries to hide stuff from me. Now if you will excuse me I’m going to have my forth cinnamon bun of the morning.

  • louise

    I don’t think the kit-kats would last long around me either. :) lj

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