I work in a really small office, and most of the others are guys. This means I mostly have the women’s bathroom to myself. It’s a nice bathroom too, with marble walls and floors and those fancy sinks that sit above the bench. Anyway, I realised today I might be a LITTLE too comfy with my private bathroom. Inasmuch as I’m pretty much treating it as I do my bathroom at home. Today I didn’t even bother shutting the cubicle door. Likelihood of someone walking in? Close to zero. Although we have a new receptionist starting this week, and she’s a girl, so I may have to stop unbuttoning my pants as I walk towards the facilities. Spoilsport.

Luckily for you there are no photos of the bathroom, but only because I can’t find my camera battery charger. Annoying. I couldn’t even take a photo of the cling-film wrapped cars outside my work on April Fools’ Day. And in fact they were still there today, leading me to believe that under the cling-wrap may be a copious collection of parking tickets. The parking inspectors are like raptors where I work – constantly circling then swooping in to pounce on anyone who has been there for exactly 7 seconds past the allotted hour. The pickings are rich, too; office buildings plus shopping strip plus residential houses with no off-street parking equals DELICIOUS PARKING CARRION. I feel like I should work roadkill in here somewhere too, but I can’t think how. It will come to me.

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  • Ali

    I have a bad habit of leaving the door open when I use the loo and of unbuttoning my pants to early, not usually in public toilets but in your situation I would end up the same.

  • Mal

    We saw an image of cling-wrapped cars on the news the other day – and fell over laughing! Hilarious concept for a prank!!!

  • sarah

    I’m lucky if I can even get to the bathroom. Recently the accountants took over another office, so there is another 4 or 5 accountants upstairs, mostly women. This leads to an increasing high demand on the ladies bathroom (of which there is only one cubical). One of the other girls in our office suggested I use the male bathroom, but I cannot bring myself to do it …. it just seems so wrong and diiiiiiiiiiiiiirty

  • No matter how comfortable I am in my own home I just cannot leave the bathroom door open. Ever. I can’t even stand people talking to me when I am “indisposed”. I’m not sure how other women do it.

  • OHMYGOD – I was exactly the same when in an office environment – would start undoing my belt as I neared the door TO the bathroom, not even the cubicle door, then not shutting the door or just closing it but not locking it. Bad. BAD.

    I’ve – out of desperation – once used the male toilets at a place I was employed. I just calculated it was about 15 years ago. Still. haven’t. recovered.

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