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I return! Thanks for your kind wishes; they are much appreciated. I told my family about the engagement rather offhandedly, thinking it was such an obvious step that nobody would be surprised – turns out everyone is WILDLY EXCITED and treating it like a huge event. Thinking about it, it’s probably because everyone thought we would never get around to it at all. And they would not be wrong. But here we are, and there are millions of bookmarks on my computer for things that I never even knew existed a month ago. Actually I’m quite glad people are excited as we’re having the wedding in New Zealand, which means that others need to do all my running around for me. Apparently they’re enjoying doing it, so it’s win-win. As for the planning. let’s get it all down here. Skip to the next part for dogs if that’s your preference.

  • Date: Narrowed to two (09/09 and 10/10; it’s a family tradition for me and yes 09/09/09 is a Wednesday. Your point?)
  • Venue: One of the many beachside restaurants of Auckland. Mr T’s only request is to have the ceremony on a beach in bare feet, which is fine by me. I don’t want or need a huge dedicated reception venue as the guest list is just…
  • Guest List: Approx 50, plus about 8 children (I wanted smaller but am not fretting about it)
  • Broidesmaid: My sister
  • Best Man: Mr T’s oldest school friend, for whom he was best man a few years ago
  • Dress: Liking a tea length, Audrey Hepburn style in my head. However I am yet to try one on; will no doubt find out I look nothing like AH and weep overwrought tears… “BUT OI’M THE BROIDE!”
  • Hair: Scrunched up into a bun thing with a flower. An old family friend will do my hair and makeup, such as it is. Tick.
  • Flowers: Either my aunt or someone’s 92-year old grandmother will do the flowers. Low on my priority list so this suits me fine. Please don’t ask any more details on the grandmother as I’m hazy myself.
  • Ring: Looking tomorrow, but I am notoriously fussy and can’t find anything I like. Almost all diamond solitaires do nothing for me, which leaves me with much less to choose from.

OK that’s as far as I’ve got. You may all open your eyes now and look at this photo of My Dog:

Can you see? It’s not very clear in the photo, unfortunately, but his left leg (on the right of the photo) is about twice the size of his right (on the left). The vet said it’s either a ligament thing, or a sprain, or a fracture, or, you know, bone cancer. Ah. Good. Here, have $500 to have a closer look with x-rays. They didn’t knock him out for the x-rays (my good placid dog) and have ruled out cancer (big relief) and any fracture, but we still don’t know what it is. Hey, haven’t I just HAD a really sick dog? I’m pretty sure I don’t need another one, thanks. So far our treatment strategy consists of grabbing his head, pulling his face really close and saying firmly, “DON’T HAVE CANCER.” It seems to be working.

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  • sarah

    I am sure it’s nothing serious. He just needs some TLC. My guess would be, subject to some viewing, that he has hurt a ligament… have you thought about taking him out to George for a look?

    Wedding in NZ! YAY! Although I cannot gatecrash :(

    Hope you guys are well :) Still no word on my bloggeraction – hopefully in the next few weeks. I should sack my IT guy, he sucks.

  • Bernice

    The “Ian Growler” approach then re the dog?*

    * The author of this comment wishes to fully acknowledge that it is in appalling taste, and is hunting down the back of the couch as she types for a piece of limp lettuce.

  • Oh my God, YOU’RE ENGAGED!!!! I am about to speed read to catch up with the announcement and I am really hoping it was a very romantic proposal but CONGRATULATIONS!! Mwah. Just generally joining in with the excitement.

  • Why don’t you go for something non-trad? Any other stones that you particularly like? Green ones, bright blue ones, shiny red ones? Pearls? Opals?

    And if anyone asks you can say something like ‘well, the tradition of an engagement ring is very recent anyway. As recently as victorian times it was as common to give a fur or a car as a symbol of the engagement. It’s just a deposit, really’

    And they will back away slowly.

    Or you could say something about how diamonds kill babies in Africa. That one always goes down a TREAT!


  • I’ve just caught up – but congratulations on being engaged.

    Big fluffy wedding dress pictures please :)

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