OK, so we’ve established that the audience here is 80% more likely than the general population to be unlacing themselves as they head to the toilet. MY PEOPLE. I am, you are, we are Australian. Or perhaps not, but I am at least using their toilets.

You’ll be pleased to know that I charged my camera battery. The charger was in the metal bin which all the chargers are kept in, the same bin I had looked in four times, the same bin that Mr. T looked in ONCE and in which he found the charger almost immediately. I am finding it hard to live that one down. I mean, I grabbed it off him and told him to shut it and whipped him with the power cord; but it didn’t make me feel any better because I AM THE FINDER and HE IS THE BAD LOOKER WHO CAN’T FIND and the natural order of things has been reversed. I’m sure it will all go back to normal next time he wants, like, the sellotape (in the hall cupboard) or his passport (in the safe) or a piece of licorice (down the side of the couch). I just have to bide my time.

OK where was I? Photos! The weather has been nice here lately (although not this week; daylight savings has finished and it’s been raining. OH HAI AUTUMN.)

OK, this is the most common form of jellyfish on my beach. It’s like a transparent cylinder, and often curls into a comma-type shape, although it’s often stick straight as well. It’s about the same size and shape as one of those joke water-balloon things that slip through your hands in an endless loop (what are those things called?) I have only ever seen these washed up on the sand, not in the water.

This is the second most common jellyfish. Or, I guess, the rarest, since I’ve only ever seen two types of jellyfish here. Much bigger and much prettier. I always regret not bringing a stick with me so I can poke these ones back into the water. Their heads (bodies? ectoplasm?) reminds me of a hot cross bun, with the pale cross inside. BRAINS! JELLYFISH BRAINS!

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  • lacroix

    Water Weenie! At least that is what we always called them…funny, it sounds so much dirtier now that I am an adult. Hrm…

  • Mal

    The big bluey-green ones always make me shudder now, whenever i see one! although those ones are relatively harmless [just yukky looking], I’ll never forget the time I was boogie-boarding near Tweed Heads, and one of them literally went straight over my head as a wave crashed over me! Yeesh!

  • Do you think the people that arrange daylight savings sent a memo straight to The Weather? “NB: Daylight savings is over. Please commence winter now.”

    I like to think that the people who arrange such things live and work in a tower. With a giant swirly metla thing that is possibly a model of the universe, or maybe just a clock or possibly a huge swirly drying rack for their clothes or something. And of course, they have The Weather’s email address…

  • And that is why I refuse to swim in the ocean! Well that and the sharks.

  • Bernice

    The clear one is called Bob. I know because I took The Tormentor to a fillum about Bob, and it was
    wonderful. Though I think My Brain is now living beside the licorice.

  • Wow – cool! As long as they’re not stinging you, I mean.

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