winter of our discontent

Well not that I’m discontented in any way, but it IS winter. OMG is it winter. I went up the road this afternoon and the wind was BITTER. I would have been even colder, except I was wearing my awesome green boiled wool jacket. (I don’t know what that means; I just like to say “boiled wool”. I don’t think any of my other clothes have been boiled, but I couldn’t swear to it. I mean, I haven’t boiled them MYSELF.)

I am trying to take more photos again – you know, now that the light is failing and it is bitterly cold. Timing is everything people! And I DO NOT HAS IT. Well, it is YOU who have to suffer through poorly-lit photos, so stop encouraging me. Jeez.

Here is Mr. T at the Anzac day football match (no, not THAT football match, the other one). They were handing out free ponchos at the gate. Ah, but we’re undercover! we crowed. First row of the covered stands… clearly we will not need your poncho! Well, no, not if the rain played fair. Instead, it swirled around and hit us from the BACK. The first five rows of undercover seating were all sporting their ponchos double-quick. Did I mention winter? Welcome! We have been expecting you!

And… awwwww! Here is my poor brave dog, sporting the latest in canine fashion. Yes it is purple. Light purple. With paw prints on it. Mr T was devastated when he bought him home from the vet. “It isn’t even BLUE! Or black!” he whimpered. To the dog: “Quick, act more manly! Roll over and show your gigantic testicles!” I wish this sort of sentence was a one-off in our household, but sadly EVERYONE shows me their gigantic testicles. I’m sort of inured to them at this point.

8 comments to winter of our discontent

  • Aw, poor poochy!

    Weather looks the same as it is here in the Real World!

  • Mm. Purple plaster-casts are like dancing lessons for boys, they will shrink your balls and make you gay. But look on the bright side,at least it brings out his eyes. And distracts my eye from how weeny and skinny his broken leg is compared to the unshaven one.

  • Mal

    Welcome to Old Man Winter. We’ve been expecting you!

  • sarah

    mmm winter! I love winter, only for the fact that I can wear my big winter coat and scarf and be toasty. One year I went to the trouble of purchasing leather gloves. At the time it seemed like a great idea, they even have cashmere lining which totally sold me! I thought “hhhhhmmmmmm cashmere, i have a jumper or something thats cashmere, must be really warm these gloves!” next thing i knew, sales people were swarming and money was exchanged. That was in about 2006. Guess how many times you think i have worn them :)

    Glad to see poochypoo is on the mend :)

    On a totally unrelated topic. I should be up and running soon. Still some more testing or something of the server then I managed to get talked into testing out some new blogging-type-wiki-type software stuff, so I may take me a while to sort that one out, not to mention come up with a design. I might throw something old up just because I can, you know the cheap and nasty kind!

  • Bec

    My eldest, the Pea Princess, has recent come out as (shameful in our family) a Cold Weather Lover. I don’t know whether to tell people up front or wait until she just blurts it out and humiliates us all.

    I blame Twilight.

    (Nice to discover you and congrats on the engagement and good luck with the plastered dog keeping his giant testicles, you know, despite the purple…)

  • Winter, unmanly purple bandages and ponchos… something for everyone… yes, something for everyone.

  • Every time I look at this pic (as I check to see if you’ve posted something new), I think that I recognise your Squeeze. I think I do. It’s driving me nuts – because I can’t remember where I remember him from.

  • *poke*

    you’re still alive and um posting right?

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